Tips To Protect Your Lovely Engagement Ring 

Many of us spend our whole lives coveting our dream engagement ring, so when we finally adorn our third finger with this beautiful jewellery, keeping it safe and intact is a must. Although none of us set out to damage our ring, we may be doing or not doing things that could cause damage to it.  

Being cautious and knowing how you can protect your engagement ring is essential. This is a piece of jewellery that is not only financially precious but also has a great deal of emotional value. The following are the top ways you can protect your engagement ring.  

Get insurance for your ring. 

It can seem like a drastic step to get insurance for your engagement ring, but the opposite of this is true. Jewellery insurance is crucial because it allows you to wear your ring confidently.

No one wants to think about theft or loss when they first get engaged, as it is an exciting time that you do not wish to dampen with what-if scenarios. Yet, while celebrating is a must, it is also a good idea to insure your ring in case something does happen in the long run.  

Remember to keep it clean 

Keeping your engagement ring clean is another way to protect this piece of jewellery. You can polish the ring and diamond with a dry cloth daily and put the ring in a glass with a little warm water and soap for an extra level of cleanliness.

When the ring is not at its usual sparkling level, it is time to take it to the jeweller for a thorough and professional cleaning.  

You don’t always have to wear it. 

No matter how much you love your ring, you must know there are times when wearing it is not a good idea if you are about to get your hands on raw meat or plan on running a mud run.

You should avoid wearing your ring when washing the dishes, the floor, or working out. Sure, it can always get cleaned, but why would you when you can keep it clean and safe? 

Head to the jewellers every once in a while 

Besides giving it a professional clean, your local jewellery can check your ring for loose stones. Losing stones is common, especially if you have been wearing your ring for a long time. You may not notice the wear and tear of the ring but a professional will. 

Don’t use certain products on your engagement ring. 

Among many things, the pandemic brought the rise of sanitiser. Nowadays, everyone carries sanitiser with them, whether they keep it in their car, bag, pocket, or desk.

Although sanitising your hands has advantages, alcohol does more harm than good to your jewellery. White gold often turns a yellowy-stained colour when regularly exposed to this chemical. So if you must use hand sanitiser, remove your ring beforehand.

Keep a particular spot for your ring. 

You can be good at removing your ring for certain chores or activities but then need help finding your ring. If you tend to lose your ring regularly, establish safe spots to look for it when it is not on your finger.

If you remove your ring to wash your face, keep the ring away from the sink in a dish. Having ring dishes scattered around the house is a good way of finding your ring promptly. However, if you have a cat, it is best to hide the ring in a box where your pet cannot use it as a plaything. 

Don’t touch the centre stone. 

Diamonds are tough, but it does not mean they can withstand anything you throw at them. Despite their durability, you should treat the stone on your ring as a precious item. That means avoiding collisions with walls, furniture, and other hard surfaces.

If you are a clumsy person, be even more careful when wearing your ring to keep the stone from having to endure many hits. Moreover, professional jewellers recommend that you not touch the centre stone, so avoid touching the stone as much as you can.  

Refrain from resizing your ring on a whim. 

Pregnant women often find that their engagement ring does not fit them anymore, but pregnancy is such a temporary state that resizing your ring during this time is not sensible.

Resizing takes a toll on your ring and its value, so if you must do it, it should be when you are sure your weight is set to stay the same. Even seasonal changes can affect the fit of the ring on your fingers.

The Bottom Line 

Finally, don’t wear your ring when you don’t feel safe. It may be tempting to wear your ring everywhere, but there are places where you should refrain from bringing attention to the value of your ring. For instance, if you are heading abroad to a country notorious for its pickpockets and thefts, why leave your ring at home and avoid unnecessary loss?