Top 10 Googly Eyes Craft Ideas for Kids 

What is the one thing on this planet that can improve the appearance of ANYTHING? Yes, googly eyes are the answer! Eye stickers are perfect for creating silly vases or simply making your coffee maker look funny. They bring life to the otherwise “dead” objects. Anyone can create something using these eyes, from toddlers to adults.  

Here are 10 fun googly eyes crafts, whether you glue them on or use the sticker versions. 

1. Rock Monsters 

Making rock monsters is simple. Kids can find their rocks to use in this project, which makes it even more enjoyable. To create rock monsters, you only need rocks, paint, a brush, and googly eyes. Finding flat stones is the key because they are simpler to work with. The great thing about painting monsters is that you can get creative. Simply add one, two, or three eyes! And for each of them, experiment with various designs.  

2. Paper Monster Bookmarks 

The fact that this craft is so simple to create makes it ideal for children. Due to their cartoonish appearance and lack of spookiness, googly eyes bookmarks are also very popular. You only need pipe cleaners, googly eyes, cardstock paper, and glue to make this. Cut the nose off a bookmark to make it look even funnier.  

3. Barnyard Farm Animals 

Craft sticks are inexpensive and can be used for various projects. A great example is the adorable creatures found in a barnyard! All in craft stick form, including cows, horses, pigs, chickens, and more. The fact that kids can select the color of the farm animals makes them fun.  

What mandates that chickens must be white? Why not pink or purple instead? Moreover, your horses can have long or short manes, spots or no spots, and mane length. Cats can have color, stripes, spots, or even polka dots. 

And if the youngster prefers something other than making farm animals, they can also make superheroes, mummies, or monsters. The possibilities are endless! 

4. Googly Eyes Headbands 

A googly eyes headband is the perfect Halloween accessory. This craft is simple to do and is perfect for involving children. Besides, your plain headband can quickly become a lot more interesting. A headband, glue, and googly eyes are all you need to make this. Apply a googly eye to the headband by dabbing a tiny amount of glue on its back. Simply keep going until the headband is covered, and that’s it! 

5. Tissue Paper Butterfly 

Making this simple butterfly craft with toddlers, preschoolers, pre-kindergarteners, kindergarteners, and first graders is fun and produces beautiful results. To make it, print the butterfly template and cut tissue paper into various sizes and shapes, including rectangles, squares, circles, ovals, and triangles.  

After that, cover the top of the butterfly with glue and fill in the shape of the butterfly with tissue paper by laying it on top of the glue. Attach the googly eyes after letting them dry completely. Next, simply cut the butterfly, and you’re done! 

6. Paper Plate Birds 

Making these paper plate birds is quite simple, and youngsters can use their creativity to stand out from the crowd by adding color and patterns to their creations. It’s the ideal craft for a group activity or at home because all you need is one paper plate and a convenient template. Begin with a paper plate or thin piece of chipboard. Not only can the finished birds stand up on their own, but they can also rock back and forth. 

You only need a chipboard, paper plate, paint, googly eyes, and colored construction paper to make this.  

7. Napkin Holders 

Children adore Easter and are always eager to participate in decorations. They will stay busy during the holiday with this creative idea, and it also looks adorable! 

To make this, you only need pink and white paper, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and pom-pom balls. All that’s left to do is cut a sheet into the shape of a pair of ears, attach pipe cleaners to the sheet to create rings, and finish by adding googly eyes and pom pom balls. You will be able to do this project quickly, and the Easter dinner table décor you create will look lovely! 

8. Playdough Snowman 

The kids will undoubtedly enjoy themselves if playdough is involved. Playing with playdough is a wonderful approach to support your child’s hand muscles while also fostering concentration, creativity, and fine motor development. 

9. Finger Puppets 

Kids can benefit much from using these finger puppets as they will be able to practice their story telling. Not only are they fun to make, but they also give your child an outlet for their emotions and improve their dexterity. 

10. Glitter Slime Monsters 

Everybody knows how much children adore slime. Adding some glitter and googly eyes to the slime will keep them entertained for a very long time. Additionally, your child’s hands and tactical sensory system get stronger as they play with slime. 


You can use googly eyes on almost anything to give inanimate objects personality. This article ought to be able to assist you if you want to make a craft utilizing googly eyes with your kids but lack ideas. You can use googly eyes on almost anything to give inanimate objects personality. Most of these ideas are inexpensive and simple to make!