Top 10 Resume Builder Apps – 2022

A Resume is one of the most important documents that a person should possess and update on regular basis. It is a document that contains complete academic and professional information about you and the experience you have. College students need it during their exams as they need part-time jobs to earn for their needs. Writing a resume is a skill that all people do not have and many of them have to hire affordable resume-writing services in Dubai. The format and style of a resume change with time and you should change your resume accordingly.

Best Resume Building Apps Of 2022

Building a resume according to the latest demands of the market is not an easy task for a person who is not a computer pro. Your resume should match the standards of the market and should be fairly attractive to the potential employer. The affordable resume writing services Dubai, also use the paid version of the best resume-building apps to make your resumes that you could send to the companies that you wish to apply for a job. The following are the top ten resume-building apps that are very popular among resume writers.

Live Career

The app that is positioned at the top of the list among the best resume-creating apps is Live Career. This app does have a few minor compatibility issues but it is filled to the brim with excellent features that make it an awesome resume-building tool. The quality that makes it so popular is its ever-increasing connectivity and its capability of posting a resume to social media and job sites. These leading qualities render the app unbeatable among all. It is the best resume-building app that is vastly used by resume-writing companies and individuals alike. It allows the import of already existing templates and has a variety of export options that include plain text files and word documents. The only negative thing about this app is the limited number of templates as it only has 20 templates. It has a few customization options as compared to downloadable software. It is a perfect combination of connectivity with other sites, templates, and cover letter creation.

Resume Genius

Resume genius is one of the leading resume-creating apps that are used to create flawless resumes that could impress your potential employer. It is free with limited features but has quite a lot of free templates to use. The subscribers with paid versions can download their resumes in a useful format of word and PDF and can send them by fax.

Cake Resume

Cake resume is a competitive resume-building app that is very popular among resume-writing firms. It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use for all. Most of the tools are easy drag-and-drop tools.  It is quite efficient in social media connectivity. The negatives of this app include no creativity of cover letters and it does not support the import of existing resumes. This resume has very few export options. It generates a link that you can share with employers if an online resume is required.

Visual CV

Visual CV is another addition to the top ten resume-building apps in the year 2022. It is popular among the user for its unique style of building resumes. Its bold templates are very popular among young users who prefer making their resume on their own instead of hiring an affordable resume writing service Dubai. If you want your resume to become prominent among a pile of resumes it is the best app for you. There is one thing that keeps this app less used and that is its high subscription price as compared to other apps.

Zety Resume Builder

Among dozens of online resume builder apps, one app that most resume-writing companies use regularly is Zety. It hosts 15 blank resume templates that the users can use to make new resumes and upgrade the old ones. It has a speedy writing process so writing a resume using Zety is not a time taking the job. The app guides you throughout the process of resume building by providing tips that are helpful for people who are writing a resume for the first time. It supports the use of an already existing resume as you can import it from other websites. It has intuitive scrolling between different sections.

My Perfect Resume

One of the most liked resume-building apps of 2022 is called My Perfect Resume. It is filled with prompts that encourage the user to build his resume without any help. Highlights the sections that are currently in process. My Perfect Resume has a consistent resume page design. The only negative to this app is the brightly colored templates. It is not a free template.

Resume Lab

Resume Lab is an app that thousands of people use to make the resumes that they use for job applications. This app works well not only for writing resumes but also a cover letters. Offers more than 20 professional templates.  Has a strength meter that does scoring of your template as compared to the resumes submitted by others. Resume Lab offers several advanced options for modifications of your resume.

Resume Now

To build a resume that is according to the demands of the job market you need to use apps that are available in the market. The resume writing services firm and individuals like an excellent app called Resume Now. This app has an on-point design and offers multiple formats for downloads. Its template recommendations are based on the country and industry. It is also available as a mobile app.


Pongo is a resume-making app that is known for its video help that is provided when a person builds his resume. It has pre-written phrases to help write the resume.

Resume Help

Resume help is an app that is used by some people for making their resumes for job applications. The app holds more than 20 templates and tips on writing a resume and it also offers pre-written content.