Top 3 Romance Books of 2022 That’ll Sweep You off Your Feet!

Romance books for adults have long been one of the bestselling genres in adult fiction. There is no doubt that 2020 has only proved to reemphasize romance fiction admiration and popularity. Romantic thriller books have a way of alluring people with their fascinating and mesmerizing stories. And 2022 has been one of those years which brought many enthralling best love story books that made top highlights with their rapid sales growth.

 This blog post presents the readers with the top 3 best romance books 2022 that were the star of romance literature:

So Many Women: The Love That Killed Me

By Rose Curiel

Treachery can make a love story turn lethal. Leila learned from a very young age that marriage does not always work for everyone. But for, Leila and her high school beloved, Nicholas, are assured they’ll stay together forever. But, after an intense break-up post-high school, Leila and Nicholas started to sense lust-filled hookups without one another. Leila feels disloyalty, which has an overwhelming effect on the next decision she’s about to make. The desire and lust for one another are apparent when Nicholas comes home from army training. Their obsessive attraction is too robust to ignore. No one discerns Leila’s body more than Nicholas. Life takes off at lightning haste, and soon, they start to do all of the things Leila had always fantasized of: nurturing a family, possessing a house, and endeavoring to get the jobs they’ve always needed. It practically feels usual. If somebody had inquired her, she might have said that she probably didn’t see it coming her way. But that is not entirely true. Leila starts to notice little things. The distance, the continuous drum of boring television, and after one family holiday, she sees the fragrance of another lady on Nicholas’s body. He contradicts it, and Leila attempts to toss herself back into home life. But it seems that every place she turns, there is a new man who is attempting to take benefit of her.

Like so many women, Leila senses that she needs to keep one eye open: even if it includes her husband. A TV mania for Nicholas soon develops even much more. Soon, Nicholas is in an outlay, lust-driven state. His dishonesty sees no limits, and what was once an enchanted marriage soon becomes a dreadful nightmare. As Leila acknowledges, not for the very first time, desire and lust can make you do irrational things. Things you would never have imagined of. What occurs when the person you are wed to becomes the person you are afraid of the most? In death and love, Nicholas and Leila are nearly learning the obscurest aspects of their love story.

Weather Girl

By Rachel Lynn Solomon

Ari Abrams has always been intrigued by the weather and adores nearly everything about her work as a TV meteorologist. Unfortunately, her boss, famous Seattle weatherwoman Torrance Hale, is too unfocused by her emotional relationship with her ex-husband, the posting’s news director, to give Ari the mentorship she desperately wants. Ari, who runs on optimism and sunshine, is at her very end; the only person who knows how she feels is charming but reserved sports newsperson Russell Barringer. Due to a catastrophic holiday party, Ari and Russell agree to team up to resolve their bosses’ relationship conflicts. They start pushing their bosses back together between double dates and secret gifts. But their well-meaning interfering boomerangs when genuine empathy develops between Ari and Russell. Working watchfully with Russell means letting him get to recognize parts of her that Ari always tries to keep hidden from everyone. Will he be able to hold her gloomy clouds and her clear skies?

The Love of My Life: A Novel

By Rosie Walsh

Emma loves her husband Leo and their little daughter Ruby: she would do anything for them. But nearly everything she has told them about herself is an untruth. And she may just have gotten away with it every time if it weren’t for her spouse’s job. Leo is a funereal writer; Emma is a famous marine biologist. So when she undergoes a severe sickness, Leo handles it by doing what he sees best – studying and writing about his wife’s life. But as he begins to untangle the truth, he learns the woman he loves doesn’t exist in this world. Even her name is not accurate. So when the very gloomiest moments of Emma’s previous finally arise, she needs to show Leo that she is the woman he has always believed she was . . . But first, she needs to tell him all about the other love affair of her life.