Top 5 Best OEM Die Casting Manufacturer

“OEM” is an abbreviation for “original equipment manufacturer.” It is a type of business that focuses on the production of individual parts and components as opposed to finished goods on an assembly line. When it comes to production, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) market is divided into two primary categories: Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). 

An OEM manufacturer offers their own branded products with the end user in mind. They are involved from the beginning of product development by supplying vendors with specs, blueprints, and other materials needed to produce the final product. An ODM manufacturer does not design a new product from scratch but only modifies pre-existing ones for a specific end user. ODC manufacturers are those who have no interest in branding or selling their own products but instead sell as an intermediary between suppliers and customers.

What is Die Casting?

Casting is an ancient method of metalworking that involves heating the metal to a temperature that is greater than its melting point, turning it into a sludgy liquid, and then pouring it into a mold. Die casting is a modern variation of casting. It has a lengthy history, reaching back to the Mesopotamian culture at approximately 3600 B.C., when bronze was processed. This civilization was located in what is now Iraq.

Since then, casting has progressed with the growth of technology, leading to the birth of die casting technology, which can make intricate and durable components. Oem die casting is a good example of one of the many types of castings that have become available as a result of technological advancement. The demand for the original equipment manufacturer oem die casting market is extremely high, particularly considering the ongoing advancement of industrial technology.

Top 5 Best OEM Die Casting Manufacturer in Taiwan

TEAMSWORLD Customized Die Casting and Plastics Injection Molding Solutions Taiwan

TEAMSWORLD is a Taiwanese aluminum die casting manufacturer with extensive experience in lighting fixtures. Housings for LED lights and housings for bulkhead lights are two of the services that are offered. They have also been producing and exporting light fixtures that meet the standards of lighting brands in the United States of America and Europe for more than 20 years. Their talented workforce places high importance on cooperation with both customers and suppliers, and they are experts in the creation of luminaries and ceiling fans of the highest possible quality. Teamsworld is a Certified B Corporation and an Innovation Pioneer, both of which indicate that the company has successfully challenged the conventional supply chain business. They are confident that if they adopt the mentality and culture of a startup company, they will be able to create the change that they want to see in the world and see it through to completion. There are a variety of businesses that make use of them, including the lighting industry, the automotive and motorcycle industry, the shipping industry, the agricultural machinery industry, the communication equipment industry, the hand tool industry, the bicycle industry, and the lighting industry.

Peng Ming Enterprise Company

Peng Ming Enterprise Company, also known as Taiwan Die Casting Company, holds an ISO 9001 certification. About 30 years have passed since it first opened its doors for business. The company has its headquarters in the Guishan District of Taoyuan City, which is home to an industrial park that spans 10,000 square feet. Their facility is outfitted with a wide variety of machines that are able to handle almost any kind of project, such as metal die casting machines, pressure die casting  machines, polishing machines, CNC routers, sand blasters, and lathes. Some of the projects that their facility is able to handle include: they are reliable in die-casting production, mold development, assembly, and shipping operations, among other areas of operation. They produce components for autos, industrial equipment, computers, construction equipment, communication equipment, monitors, lights, sewing machines, and medical equipment. In addition, they produce these components.

Golden Pond Metal Die Casting Co., Ltd

Golden Pond Metal Die Casting Co., Ltd. was established in 1947 by Mr. Lai Jinchi. First, he used a lathe to machine wood, and then he went on to aluminum. First, the company used self-made die casting machinery to make aluminum die cast components, as well as bailers, electric fans, motors, and other industrial-based components. There are 125 to 800 metric tons of aluminum die-casting items available from this company. In order to meet the specific needs of each customer, Golden Pond Metal employs a unique manufacturing process and careful planning. Their designs and services are all completely customizable, so customers may receive exactly what they want from the company’s products and services. Among the many industries they serve are automotive, agricultural machinery, electrical, and even DIY woodworking machines; they create a vast variety of parts for all of them. To top it all off, they’re exporting directly to countries like the USA, the UK, Germany, and Japan.

Ted-Yue Precision Die Casting Co., Ltd

A Die Casting company, TEDYUE, was established in 1983 and has been accredited to ISO 9001/2000 since 2007. They are experts in aluminum and zinc die casting and mold manufacturing, and have decades of experience in these fields. In order to guarantee high-quality products and timely delivery, they combine operations for mold design and production; precision die casting; variable surface treatment; CNC processing; drilling & tapping; vibratory grinding; multi-color electroplating & coating; and assembling. A few of their products include electronic parts, OEM, electronic parts, industrial enclosures, hardware products, locks, product LOGO, LED lights, Precision metal parts (aerospace,biomedical, and automobile), Gun Parts, Automotive interior parts, Automotive exterior parts, headlights, automotive handlebars, license plate LOG, vehicle logo plate.

HF-TI Precision Molding Manufacture Co., Ltd

Die casting manufacturer HF-TI holds the prestigious ISO 9001:2000 certification. HF-TI makes Zinc, Aluminum, and Plastic Injection components for Optic Connectors, Electronics, Fiber Optic Connectors, Communication Connectors, Computers, Cell Phones, Antenna Connectors and Hardware. They have 15 to 100 ton hot chamber zinc die casting facilities and 80 to 150 ton cold chamber aluminum die casting facilities. They’ve been in business for almost 10 years and specialize in mold creation, precision molding equipment, and die casting and plastic injection molding. They offer prototyping samples,tooling design,tooling manufacture,pilot run, Mass-Production, Post-Production Treatment, surface treatment, etc. to save customers time and enhance production. Importing high-precision measuring equipment and machinery ensures that molds satisfy customer specifications.

Why choose an OEM manufacturer?

There are numerous advantages to OEM, which is why it has grown to such a large scale. The following is a list of the benefits of oem die casting.

  1. Neither production nor development costs are involved.

By outsourcing oem die casting to companies with previously established factories and workforces, oem die casting allows for more efficient manufacturing of items. In other words, the brand does not have to set up its own facility. Furthermore, new product development does not require the recruitment of new employees. As a result, the cost of the production line is greatly reduced. Additionally, it can be used as a safety net in the event of poor product sales.

  1. Because no plant or labor is wasted, you will be able to minimize your losses.

You’ll be able to address all of your technical needs. The fact that you can use technical capabilities that your own brand does not have is one of the appealing aspects of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) work. Developing technical skills necessitates extensive training over many years of exposure. In addition, the cost of hiring and training highly qualified workers will be high. There is no guarantee that the investment will pay off. In the case of oem die casting , however, you may rely on the expertise of another company to supply your items. It is possible to expand your product line in a short amount of time with this technology.

  1. Increased production volume

Brands that want to increase the volume of their product production might consider outsourcing to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Even if you have hit products and demand is high, you can only supply so much in-house. It is also difficult to increase production of a hit product while running other lines. With OEM, you can ship more products than you could make in-house with the assistance of other companies. 

  1. You don’t have to deal with inventory or production. 

There are many brands that are left to handle their own production and inventory management. These tasks are essential to manufacturing and can’t be eliminated. Too much work on them limits sales and promotion. To make matters worse, setting up and maintaining a management system can be time consuming. Outsourcing this to an OEM eliminates the need to manage production and inventories in-house. The additional capacity that is developed in this way can be put to use for sales, which can therefore lead to an increase in sales.

Bonus Tip

OEM die casting is becoming increasingly popular as a means for ensuring product availability and decreasing the load of in-house production. Selecting a trustworthy manufacturer is essential for OEM. An OEM contract will fail if the contracting party lacks the ability to accurately copy the brand’s products. In order to make an educated decision about OEM, it is critical that you extensively investigate the qualifications and track record of any candidates.