Top 5 Most Successful International Businesses In 2022


Apple Inc. founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. It is a manufacturer of computers, computer software, digital media products, and other consumer electronics products. The most popular and successful products include the Macintosh line of computers, as well as the Apple iPad, iPod, and iPhone. The company has been in business for more than 30 years. The brand started with the creation of its first Apple I computer, which was a “entertainment” computer. Apple Computer was not invented until 1976 and its first full computer, the Apple II, was not released to the public until one year later in 1977. Since its inception, the company has prospered. In recent years, under the leadership of the late Steve Jobs, Apple has advanced to the next level of technology. Following the passing of Jobs, Apple continues to thrive under the leadership of new CEO Tim Cook, as annual sales increase.

Apple is a company that rarely follows the innovations of its competitors. This is at the core of why it has been such an amazing success and why it differs from other computer companies. In fact, it is often ahead of other companies in its new operations, such as the iPad, iPod and iPhone. The creation of the Macintosh is what put Apple on the path to success. This line of computers is visible to human computers in many ways, including appearance and function. Apple prides itself on building what the engineers and managers want. In this way they create the things that people want and need, as opposed to creating things that consumers should make sure they need. The company also attracts people who do not know about tech-savvy. Its products are kept simple, usually with one version of the item being released at a time as opposed to many versions of one product. The products made by Apple are also kept simple as the level of technology will allow, which is attractive to many of its consumers.


Google is a company that provides a wide range of services to consumers and businesses. It is often seen as a search engine. Includes a number of Internet technologies, such as Gmail, a free email service provider, and Google Chrome in its browser. Other products that come under Google include YouTube and Blogger, a common blogging platform. Google owes a large part to its success in advertising. The company became the first auctioneer. These ads appear next to search results. In fact, ninety-nine percent of a company’s revenue comes from advertising. The success of Google’s advertising auctions has been acknowledged by competing search engines, such as Yahoo! and MSN. The speed and consistency of the Google search engine and its results are both additional reasons for its amazing success.

Google has been in business since 1998. It was founded by two Stanford students who invented the BackRub search engine. They started a company in Menlo Park, CA from the garage. In its first year it was listed as one of the “top 100 sites and search engines of 1998” by PC Magazine.

The company differs from its competition in search results, tools and features, and design. Unlike other search engine companies, Google is also heavily involved in technology research across the Internet. One outstanding example of Google’s non-driving car is a clever system designed to drive cars without human assistance. Another ongoing project is known as Google fiber, a system of fiber optic networks now available in limited areas. Google is also unique in that it has a wide variety of popular products on the market. This includes Google’s browser-based operating system, also known as Chrome OS, which enables Chromebooks, new Chrome laptops. Another popular Google product, also contributing to the success of the company, is the Android app. Android enables a larger percentage of tablet computers in the market, as well as more phones worldwide than the Apple iPhone. Google also acquired several businesses such as Zagat and Motorola Mobility.

In 1994 Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos. Amazon is an online retailer that sells products such as books, e-books, electronics, Kindle book readers and tablets. Considered the world’s largest online retailer. Amazon owes much of its success to its huge selection of products at competitive prices. Their success is also due in part to the success of Amazon Kindle, a leading e-book reader. In addition to the United States, Amazon also has store websites mainly in the UK, Canada, Japan, China, France, and several other countries. Since 1998 Amazon has also acquired dozens of other online-based companies including ShopBop, Zappos, BookSurge, Audible, Box Office Mojo, and AbeBooks, to name a few.

Amazon is unlike any other marketplace. It is different from its competitors in that customers have more options when shopping on the Amazon website. Compared to other booksellers for example, Amazon offers features that other booksellers may not find. The Amazon Prime program offers many benefits, such as allowing members to “rent” e-books for a short period of time. Amazon customers can purchase a variety of items, and download and watch TV programs or movies. As for Amazon’s Kindle / Kindle Fire and Apple’s iPad, the difference lies in the way the company makes money. Amazon strives to make more money by selling after the sale of the Kindle device than the actual student sales itself. For example, people who buy Kindle will continue to buy e-books through Amazon. Their Kindle e-book software works on many different platforms, including PC, Apple’s Macintosh and iPad, and Google-based tablet PCs for Android.


The original Coca Cola was invented in 1886 by a pharmacist named John Pemberton. The company was not included, however, until 1892 by another pharmacist named Asa Candler. Candler bought the Coca-Cola type and formula in 1889. In recent years the soda industry has been a source of negative focus. For many companies this has been a major setback. The Coca-Cola Company, however, has managed to maintain its top position in the industry. Although Coca-Cola produces soda, it also produces other non-alcoholic beverages and beverages. In fact, in addition to Coca-Cola, there are also 500 more products, including Sprite, Tab, Nestea, Minute Maid, Dasani water, and Powerade, which fall under the umbrella of Coca product -Cola.

The success of the company is largely due to the marketing and marketing strategy. Almost from the beginning, markets like the All-American company and a large part of Americana. Today Coca-Cola is considered an American icon. It is a unique taste and a secret formula that is part of what makes it different from its competitors; however, the highly successful marketing of Coca-Cola product is a key factor that sets it apart from other beverage companies.


IBM is a technology organization that makes hardware and computer software. It has been in business for over a hundred years. It was founded in 1911 as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (C-T-R), a name later changed to International Business Machines, or IBM. The centenary celebrations came and went when the company’s annual profits were very high. IBM was one of the first companies to be involved in the computer industry. It was the first company to produce computers for governments, then educational institutions and large businesses. IBM entered the personal computer market in 1981 with the IBM PC, which helped launch the personal computer revolution. Part of the first reason for IBM’s success was that other companies began making IBM-compatible computers, making IBM PCs an industry standard. IBM has invested heavily in artificial intelligence, as it has developed major chess computers, as well as live computer technology.

IBM’s recent success is due to its ability to adapt and adapt to changes in the computer and technology industry. This is one way he is different from his competitors, most of whom are struggling financially. IBM has integrated a social media business with a social computer platform that allows it to build relationships with networks and increase corporate loyalty. It has released process improvements, business statistics, and cloud computing that has led to improved productivity. In adjusting for the changing times, IBM also saw what needed to be eliminated, as well as products separated from the markets that they had developed over the years and in some cases even established. IBM is more focused on innovation, gaining more patents per year than any other company. Other factors that contribute to the company’s continued success and help keep it separate from its competitors include ongoing efforts to create solutions to global problems, such as water management, Smart Planet, and positive growth in Brazil, India, China and Russia. Read more

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