The first thing that any employer looks at is your resume. To make yourself look the best out there, you must put your best foot forward. Hence, you must display your strengths, experiences, and skills creatively. However, some people struggle with how to put all of this in their resume without making their resume look extremely cramped. For such people, various apps and services exist that can help them create their best resume. Following are a few applications for resume making:

1. Canva

Canva is an application that is available on iOS, android, and windows that let users design all kinds of documents, however, one of its most recognizable services is that its letters users design a perfect-looking Resume Writing Service Uk with the help of its tools. Even if you do not consider yourself a graphic designer, you can avail of their visual tools that will cast an impression to your potential employer that you are incredibly progressive and creative. Once you opt to build a resume for yourself, Canva will provide you with various unique templates. Some of them are free while some of the more advanced tools require you to pay for them. You can easily add your text, images, and backgrounds just to customize the appearance according to your preference. You can easily avail of this application on both your cell phone and your browser.

2. Curriculum Vitae

A rather easy and convenient application, Curriculum Vitae lets its users design an attractive resume within minutes, all you need to do is learn how to navigate its platform effectively and perform exactly how it asks you to. You can design a CB with various sections, such as your details, profile, work experiences, and other elements. You can also avail yourself of the option to store the document in the PDF version to make things easy for you and print it out in hardcopy if asked. This application is only available on Android for free.

3. Resume star

There is nothing better than an application, which lets you build a quick resume in a PDF version. It consumes less time and through this application, you are guaranteed to get the job you had your eyes on. You just need to pay a one-time fee to avail some of its best services. Hence, with Resume Star you can easily design a resume that will shine as bright as a star among all the other resumes, and in the end, you might end up with the job.

4. My CV

If you do not like the already available templates, then you can utilize My CV to make your resume from scratch. You can also choose various PDF templates if you want to. It completely depends on what you want. Once you have provided all the required information, you can connect it with your Dropbox account and print it from there. One thing that makes this application different from others is that it lets you avail yourself of the ready-made portfolio web page and a personal web address for your potential employers to check out. You can also connect with other professionals through this application. However, this application is only available on IOS for free.

5. VisualCV

Just as its name indicates, this application is all about designing a visually influenced resume. It has integrated what you see as what you get an interface that is great for people in the creative field. It depends on you if you want to initiate your CV from a blank page or an already existing template. You can drop in text boxes and images how you want to then. This application works great when accessed from a browser, nevertheless, the only downside of this app is that some of its good features are not free and only come with a subscription.

6. Gro Your CV

Another different yet unique CV Writing Service on the list is Gro Your CV, which lets users translate their social activities into your resume. Fundamentally, it provides two options: If you have any kind of volunteering experience, you can easily transform that into skills that organizations require and value. If you have no volunteering services, then this application assists you to find those services by providing you with opportunities. This application is only available on iOS for free.

7. CV engineer

If you are someone who likes to do everything through his or her mobile then a CV engineer is one of the best possible options out there. Its layouts are not that advanced but it lets users build a desirable and attractive resume. One of its upsides is that it has a way to structure and organize the information that you provide.


To sum up, the above-mentioned names are some of the applications available that let you design a perfect resume online. These applications range from Canva to Gro my CV and many more.