Top 7 Open World Games on Roblox

Roblox, an online gaming platform for free, allows users to create and play games created by other gamers. It has seen a huge rise in popularity, mainly due to the epidemic. The platform boasted over 160 million monthly users by late 2020. The Lego-inspired sandbox game has approximately 70 million monthly active users. Roblox has over 2 million content-makers, who have created more than 11 million titles.

Top 7 Open World Games on Roblox

Roblox is home to many open-world Roblox games. It is difficult to find the right game for you. We will be looking at the top 7 Open World Roblox games.

  1. Streets of Bloxwood
  2. Pacifico 2: Playground Town
  3. Survival Beginnings
  4. Dead Mist 2
  5. Apocalypse Rising 2
  6. Booga Booga
  7. State of Anarchy

Streets of Bloxwood

Streets of Bloxwood, the sequel to Streets of Blox City was released in 2012. This game, which has been viewed over 25 million times on Roblox by users, is quite remarkable. It has helped to improve every aspect of the open world, including purchasing an apartment, fighting the police, and throwing parties. Bloxwood is an open-world game with high levels of devastation and more destruction. You can choose to take a side or fight for the rights of those on the other side of the law. This open-world game allows the player to commit heists and purchase homes. They can also engage in other activities. It is based on the video game Grand Theft Auto.

Pacifico 2: Playground town

This game is an open-world, vehicular, role-playing, and networking adventure. Roblox rarely offers the same level of flexibility as this game. This game is perfect for those who enjoy exploring open-world areas and enjoying light-hearted gaming to ease tension and stress.

Playground Town: Pacifico 2 is a sandbox game that mixes elements of driving and social interaction. Pacifico takes place in a high-tech parallel reality and aspires for it to become one of California’s most visited tourist attractions. You can choose to take part in the development of the town by choosing a role among them, or you can drive your car and explore on your own.

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Survival Beginnings

This game’s mainland is the largest among all the islands. This island has the most resources compared to other islands in the open-world survival mode. This doesn’t necessarily mean all resources are available on the main island. You still need to find other islands in order to access other resources. You can mine rare earth metals, and other materials that are necessary to ensure the survival of your characters. Roblox’s open-world game Roblox is made easy by the vast green forests and abundant water bodies.

Dead Mist 2

Roblox offers another open-world survival game called Roblox Survival. You simply need to collect guns and kill other players in order to earn loot. You aim to be the best player possible.

This game is fun and entertaining because it has many weapons and maps. This is not a game that you should pass up.

Apocalypse Rising 2

This is a brand new game being developed by 46 contractors under dual point interactive. It’s a remastered version of the original Apocalypse Rising. It is, however, a completely new game to its predecessor. There are many new features, such as a new map, a boat that can swim, a tropical island setting, weapons, and a boat that can be used to navigate. Roblox’s open-world shooting game is sure to catch the attention of many players.

Booga Booga

Soybean created it as an online multiplayer game platform. The game’s inspiration comes mainly from a tribal settlement that emphasizes survival. You must survive on the many islands available to you in this game. Tribes can also be created by you.

We advise against being fooled by the title. It is intense and sometimes it can be very difficult to survive. You can create materials by gathering raw materials from rocks and trees. The basic gameplay feels very real, despite its graphic design.

State of Anarchy

Because of its large player base, the State of Anarchy is one of Roblox’s most popular Open World survival games. This game is a loot-and-shoot type. It fulfills all requirements for an all-open survival game.

The game features a lot of visual animations and 3D models. You can play the game in one or both groups. A player can also choose to play the game differently. It is best to play with others as looting and raids are possible at any time.


All Open-world hungry players will find the games mentioned above suitable. Check them out, and then explore maps and complete missions.