Top Reasons To Study In Canada For Bhutanese Students

Canada is the third top-rated destination for availing of international education. It offers great academic quality at affordable fees, making it possible for students who crave global exposure. According to the statistics of 2022, there have been approximately four lacs, international students studying their specific courses in Canada. The major demand for study in Canada is due to its robust mode of quality delivery and great employment opportunities and paid internships. As per the law of the land, Canada also provides easy immigration for international students after they finish their studies.

If we look at the Bhutanese students, Canada is their top priority for considering quality education. Even though Bhutan is an Asian land, students still deliberately pick Canada over any other neighbouring country. Even research has shown that Canada has become almost another home to Bhutanese students. As mentioned above, the Canada Student Visa is an excellent tool for ensuring the stay and easy access for Bhutanese students delivering them smooth academic excellence and added lifestyle benefits. In this article, let us find out the primary reasons why it is best to study in Canada for Bhutanese students.

Reasons Why Bhutanese students Prefer Canada

Undoubtedly, Canada is gorgeous land with serene nature, diverse culture and a globally succeeding economy. Tourists flourish in the land throughout the year for its mouth-watering delicacies, beautiful lakes and spotting wildlife. But the perspective of choosing Canada is different among Bhutanese students. Here let us discover below what are the top priorities for students from Bhutan – 


If we go by the happiness levels, Canada marked its rank at 14th, being a happy country, while Bhutan is ranked 95th. This country is considered a safe and peaceful land worldwide. The best part is that all the international students don’t feel like outsiders as they receive similar rights and career chances as native Canadians. Additionally, the medical care, infrastructure, and educational standards with the facility of all basic amenities thus provide a peaceful, healthy and happy lifestyle for any Bhutanese student.  

Multi-Culture Exposure:

Canada is the top choice for quality education, which is why it is full of cultural diversity. Individuals from several countries have been migrating to Canada for a very long period, leading to a socio-dynamic atmosphere. The country has a sense of acceptance and respect for all the delicacies, festivals, customs, art forms, linguistics and people globally. 

High Tech Education Facilities:

Canada University is under the supervision of provincial governments. Therefore the country maintains excellent standards for education. Also, Canadian colleges and institutes also provide a wide choice of UG and PG degrees with advanced courses and diplomas. Canadian colleges offer courses ranging from IT, management, petroleum, graphics, theatre, and journalism to engineering. No matter what you choose as a stream, you will still get comprehensive skills and knowledge. Maximum graduate degrees are given in a co-op format where the university emphasizes more skill development through practical internships and the brilliance of theory-based learning. 

Access to work while studying:

The best part for Bhutanese students is that they can easily work in Canada on their student Visa. As per the rule, the students are allowed to work for about 20 hours every week during their course period. This work can be both on and off campus, where the students can opt for full–time work during the vacations. It will provide the opportunity to earn money where students can get a minimum of 19 dollars per hour. The student has to be good at time management skills. 

Post-Study Employment:

Bhutanese students can also apply for a three-year work license after completing their education. So the students get to apply to PGWP Canada after graduating from their designated learning institutes. They can get the chance to work openly through the permit license, which is usually valid for a particular time frame. 

Ease of Immigration:

Canada has a liberal immigration policy that attracts a massive count of international students every year. So being a Bhutanese student, if you aspire to study in Canada, then don’t worry and contact a professional education consultancy in Bhutan. They will assist you in understanding all the processes and legal documents to land into a Canadian institute.

Affordable Tuition Fees:

Tuition fees play a huge role in education payments. But to your surprise, Canada provides a low tuition fee compared to other options abroad. However, the prices will be relatively higher in specific courses like medicine, law, computers or MBA. For a particular number, the minimum tuition fee for any UG programme is around 13000 Canadian dollars, while 40000 Canadian dollars for MBA. Additionally, some cities in Canada, like Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba province, offer cheaper universities and colleges with low tuition fees and cost of living. However, if you lack the financial prospects to avail of education abroad, then relax as there are some options for scholarships in Canada for Bhutanese students. These scholarships cover the tuition fees for top-class students who qualify the standards by which Bhutanese students can stand out. 

Other Considerations:

Presently, Canada has 100 universities and around 200 colleges approved as learning institutes for global students. The more these numbers rise will give wider availability to international students. Usually, there are UG, PG and diploma courses available. For a Bhutanese student, the whole Canadian education sums upto a good number where the average flight cost is around 80,000 BTN and fees around 35000 BTN. While the accommodation, meals, health insurance and books cost approximately upto 260,000 BTN. 


Being a Bhutanese student, one can enjoy the study abroad option in Canada. Yes, the country with the lowest unemployment rate. Canada has a lot to offer with its incredible communication technology, digitally synchronized library and school campuses, and easy internet connectivity. Great job options are available for Bhutanese students who graduate from universities and colleges in Canada. As mentioned above, these students must extend their licenses to access the jobs. 

Finally, the essential part is that the average net salary is around 2773 Canadian dollars per month which is better than earnings in Bhutan. Therefore, prepare by fulfilling all the requirements to study in Canada and launch a successful career journey at your favourite Canadian University. 

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