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Top UK Marathons: An Essential Guide For Marathon Runners

The UK Marathons is one of the most prestigious running competitions, but its routes are not the only ones to be explored. There are terrific marathons all across the nation, including the Manchester half marathon, which is wonderful news considering how difficult it is to get a seat in the UK race – unless you’re exceptionally fortunate, exceptionally skilled at fund-raising, or exceptionally fast.

Choose an event far enough in the future to allow a marathon training regimen, clear your calendar, and start running. Okay, there’s a lot more to it; you’ll also need to sign up for a half marathon as part of your preparation and get a new pair of marathon running shoes.

Midnight Mountain Marathon

However, you don’t have to start your marathons at 12:00; instead, the closing time is 5.30 pm, when runners are allowed to leave. The sad fact is this marathon is not like others since a part of the Fan Dance, run by applicants for the British Special Forces, is included on the Brecon Beacons route. If that isn’t difficult enough, you may register up to run the marathon while toting a bulky rucksack. There is a total rise of 1,314m, such as a hike to the summit of Pen y Fan (886m). The advantages include the breathtaking landscape along the way and the increased sense of success at the finish line.

MK Marathon Weekend

There are 5K, 10K, and half marathon races during the MK Marathon Weekend. The marathons are held every Sunday, and its course is mountainous with a few initial sharp ascents. The last few hundred meters are adorned with grandeur since the finish line is at StadiumMK.

Wales’s Marathon

Due to the possibility of a hot day, there aren’t many large marathons scheduled during the summer; nonetheless, this is unquestionably a risk that is acceptable in the UK. This event’s early July date also enables most training to be finished in late spring and early summer, which is a more comfortable time of year for long runs than the winter before a spring marathon. The Wales Marathon has a route with a total rise of roughly 600 meters and is held on restricted roads in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

Richmond Marathon

This lovely marathon starts at Kew Gardens and follows the Thames Riverbank to Hampton Court Palace before returning to Old Deer Park. The course is flat and has grass, gravel, and road portions.

Kielder Marathon Weekend

If you weren’t chosen for the UK Marathon, you should consider this marathon hosted on the stunning Kielder Water in Northumberland. The 10K is run the day before the marathon and half-marathon, which are held on the second Sunday. Running a full circle around the man-made lake on well-kept paths with a few hard ascents and descents constitutes the marathon.

Guidance for First-Time UK Marathon Runners

Here is the top advice for anyone running their first UK Marathon. The one item of advice you should pay the most attention to is not listed in any particular order of priority.

Bring Along Some Warm, Worn-Out Clothes

You will start the race in your racing attire since there is no bag drop for this event. Even if it seems like the ideal day, it will be cool in shorts and a t-shirt at first. Before the marathon, you may wear old clothes to be warm and donate them. Use a black rubbish bag if you don’t have any clothes to donate.

Do not attach the timing tag to the shoelaces.

Cable ties that are powerful enough to secure the timing tag in place will be included. The likelihood is high that the strings will be severed when the tag is discovered at the finish line if it is fastened to your shoe with laces.

Don’t Get Angry If You Start Out Moving Too Slowly

There is no use in avoiding and pushing through slower runners if you start out in a pack of faster runners. You’ll get exhausted and most probably continue running slowly. After a few kilometers of following the pack, the crowds will start to thin out, making it easier for you to pick up the pace. A personal best won’t be ruined if you miss 30 seconds in the first few clicks since there are 42 kilometers and change to cover.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use The Bathroom During The Race

Although it may appear easy, don’t hesitate to use the toilet if you’re in a hurry and need to. Nearly every two miles along the route are facilities. There is a lot of distance to make up for any time lost if you run in pain while also under the additional strain of attempting to hold it in. Plus, after you’re done, you’ll feel so great that you’ll probably sprint the last bit of distance fast enough to recoup speed.

Use Vaseline

You can avoid chafing in a number of ways, such as by wearing tight base layers and two-in-one running shorts; however, Vaseline is an age-old treatment. It is also useful as a lip balm since 42 kilometres of continuous mouth breathing can leave your lips pretty parched, even on a warm morning. The application of bandages to each bite is an additional precaution to take.
If this is your first year running in UK Marathons, you will have spent many months training for the physical demands of running. The UK Marathons is a one-of-a-kind event, so you may have also set aside time to psychologically prepare by devising techniques for pushing through when the going becomes tough during your runs.