The Benefits of Traffic Control Equipment Rental

Traffic control signs and equipment are essential for maintaining order in and around construction work zones on roads. These essentials help to avoid accidents, keep workers safe, and ensure productivity. Unfortunately, though, traffic control equipment is the second largest expense for most contractors, eclipsed only by labor costs.

There is, however, good news for general contractors who want to be able to take road construction jobs or work near public rights-of-way without investing upfront in expensive electronic signs, temporary stop lights, cones, flags, and other necessities. It’s traffic control equipment rental. Read on to find out about the benefits of taking this approach.

A Full Range of Options

Contractors who opt to purchase their own road signs and traffic control equipment rarely have it in the budget to invest in top-of-the-line equipment, which can leave them working with options that are less than the best. Renting traffic control equipment means gaining access to a full range of not just signs, flags, cones, and other basics but also impact recovery systems, rumble strips, energy dissipaters, and even portable stop lights.

Traffic Control Equipment

Guaranteed Compliance

Traffic control signs and equipment must comply with all relevant state, local, and federal laws. When contractors rent their equipment from specialized vendors, they don’t have to worry about whether the signage will become outdated or if cones, barriers, and beacons meet legal requirements. Just be sure to rent from a company that specializes in sign and traffic control equipment sales and rentals.

Save Space

When construction companies purchase equipment, they also need to be able to store it. Signage, alone, can wind up taking up a good deal of space and creating issues for smaller companies that don’t have warehouses or other indoor storage areas. Renting the equipment eliminates this issue, saving contractors money on storage expenses.

High-Quality Equipment

Buying equipment means taking full responsibility for maintenance and repairs. Given that traffic control signs and equipment spend most of their time outdoors, often in challenging conditions, the expenses associated with keeping them in good shape can start to add up fast.

When contractors rent signs and equipment, they don’t have to worry about maintenance, repairs, or eventual replacements. They’ll always get access to the highest quality equipment, and if something gets broken or damaged, all they have to do is contact the rental company to get an immediate replacement.

No Need to Commit

Not all contractors find that it’s worth the added stress of taking on municipal projects. Those that purchase their traffic control signs and equipment outright before deciding that they would prefer to stick to more conventional construction projects will be a lot of money. Choosing to rent the equipment instead means that contractors don’t need to commit to bidding on road work projects every time they come up just to justify the expense of purchasing the signs.

Quality Is Key

Whether contractors decide to rent or buy, they need to work with specialized vendors that understand not just the rules and regulations governing traffic control equipment but also the importance of quality construction. Take some time to investigate options before deciding where to rent equipment.