New Year’s Eve in UAE: Travelers to Get Freebies As Airline Hosts Countdown in the Sky For The First Time

The Abu Dhabi-based airline said on Thursday that passengers on board would receive festive drinks and fun NYE props. Additionally, travelers will be treated to a special menu over the holiday season. A variety of holiday menus will be available on many routes, including those in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Lebanon, South Korea, the Philippines, the Seychelles, South Africa, Australia, and most destinations in Europe, including turkey roulade, chestnut stuffing, and chocolate yule log with cherry compote. Passengers can find festive classics like Love Actually and Home Alone on Etihad’s award-winning inflight entertainment, along with themed TV programming and music of the season.

Etihad Airways’ quick self-service bag drop facility allows guests to skip the queues so they can check in faster during the busy festive season. Within two minutes of checking in online, travelers can retrieve their booking, print their bag tags, and process their bags with the self-service facility.

The UAE is Advising Travelers:

To take all necessary precautions in order to avoid travel delays in various countries around the world. UK Border Forces are preparing to strike for eight days during peak travel season, causing disruptions to the UK. In addition, several British Airways flights were grounded worldwide due to a technical glitch.

Several domestic flights in India have been delayed and cancelled due to a shortage of cabin crew. There have been reports of severe blizzards canceling flights and grounding planes across the US. The following tips from local travel agencies will help travellers deal with these issues, plan ahead, minimise financial loss and make the most of an unfavorable situation during the holiday season.

Arrive at the Airport with a Clear Understanding of Flight Timings and Terminals:

The COO of, Raheesh Babu, says that checking all information is imperative before departing on a trip. You can check the information on your airline’s website or on the airport’s website, or contact your travel agent or use a flight tracking app to get real-time updates. Check your airline’s website or the airport’s website for specific recommendations on how early to arrive at the airport if you are uncertain.

Flights Between Connections Should be Left Enough Time:

Travelers should allow enough time between connecting flights during the holiday period rush. “We suggest that passengers leave several hours between flights, or even a whole day,” said T.P. Sudheesh, General Manager of Deira Travels. Taking flights that are far apart is safer during peak traveling times, even if you have to spend a few hours in the airport.”

Make Use of the Web Check-in Option:

It has been recommends that passengers make the most of online check-in facilities provided by most airlines. Due to a shortage of staff at the airport, this can be a convenient option for travellers.

Flexibility Plans Should Be Taken:

Flexible options are usually available for a nominal fee when booking flights. There is always more peace of mind and safety when traveling during these peak travel periods.”

Airport Arrivals Should be Made Early,

“When travelling internationally or on a busy travel day, arriving at the airport early is generally a good idea. By doing this, you will have plenty of time to check in, secure your baggage, and get to your gate. If you are flying domestically or internationally, it is a good idea to arrive at the airport at least two hours before takeoff. According to him, international flights should be taken off three hours before takeoff.

Make Sure the Destination Meets Your Requirements:

Before traveling, make sure you thoroughly research your destination. Furthermore, it has been suggesting that, you can check the tourism board’s website or the site of the embassy or consulate,” You can also check your government’s website for information on travel requirements to specific countries, as they may have information on such requirements. If your destination has any updates or travel advisories, it is a good idea to check them before setting out.”

Make Sure You Have a Good Travel Insurance Policy:

Invest in travel insurance rather than skimp on it. This is the most beneficial tip that everyone should consider while travelling. The best thing you can do when traveling during busy periods is to invest in a good travel insurance. “This will prevent you from losing money due to delays, missed connections, or other factors beyond your control.”

Travel Agencies That are Reputable are the Best Sources of Information,

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