Unlock New Features With Fouad WhatsApp, the Best WhatsApp Mod

Fouad WhatsApp is one of the best WhatsApp mods available, and it offers a tonne of features that aren’t available in the official app. Let’s take a look at some of the best Fouad WhatsApp features.

With Fouad WhatsApp, you can change the colours of your WhatsApp theme, add a new font, and even add a custom header to your WhatsApp profile. You can also hide your online status, last seen, and blue ticks.

Fouad WhatsApp also includes a tonne of privacy features, such as the ability to password-protect your chats, hide your messages from the lock screen, and even delete messages after they’ve been sent.

What Is Fouad WhatsApp?

Fouad WhatsApp is a mod of the popular messaging app WhatsApp. It offers a number of features that are not available in the original app, making it a popular choice for users who want more flexibility and control over their messaging experience.

Some of the features that Fouad WhatsApp offers include:

-The ability to hide your last seen timestamp

-The ability to hide your “typing” status

-The ability to hide read receipts

-The ability to choose your own contact font

-And many more!

Important Features of Fouad WhatsApp

There are a lot of different WhatsApp mods out there, but Fouad WhatsApp is one of the best. It has a lot of great features that you won’t find in the official app.

For starters, Fouad WhatsApp has a tonne of customization options. You can change the colour scheme, fonts, and even the icons. If you don’t like the way something looks, you can change it to fit your style.

Another great feature is the ability to password-protect your chats. This is a great way to keep your conversations safe and secure.

Fouad WhatsApp also has a built-in media player, so you can listen to your music and videos without having to leave the app. And if that’s not enough, it also supports third-party plugins, which give you even more functionality.

How to Instal and Setup Fouad WhatsApp

First, go to the and download the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp.

Once it’s downloaded, open the file and tap on “Install.”

Once it’s installed, open Fouad WhatsApp and enter your phone number.

You’ll then be asked to verify your phone number. Tap on “Verify.”

Fouad WhatsApp will then send you a verification code. Enter the verification code and hit “Verify.”

You’ll then be asked to create a new password. Enter a new password and hit “Create.”

Best Themes You Can Use With Fouad WhatsApp

When you instal Fouad WhatsApp, you get access to a huge selection of themes, each with its own set of customizations. One of my favourites is the “Botanical” theme, which is designed around light and airy colours like green and pink.

Plus, there are tonnes of options for background images and icons. I love being able to switch up how my app looks with just a few clicks. You can even create your own theme with the help of the Theme Maker feature!

You can customise your chats even further by setting different wallpaper for each conversation. There are also animated stickers, GIFs, and more available as add-ons. With this much power at your fingertips, it’s no wonder Fouad WhatsApp is so popular!

How to Get Extra Features on Fouad WhatsApp?

If you’re looking to get extra features without changing the look and feel of WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp is definitely the best mod for you. Unlike other mods, Fouad WhatsApp is packed with many useful features that you can use to customise your experience.

For instance, you can easily apply custom themes to change the look and feel of the app, as well as use your own custom notifications. But where it really shines is its Anti-Ban protection and ability to hide personal chats. Moreover, you can also lock specific chats using a PIN or pattern password – giving you extra security and privacy.

On top of these features, Fouad WhatsApp also allows users to customise their experience even further by enabling features like hiding view status & blue ticks in chats, hiding read receipts and more. It’s also fully open source, meaning anyone can contribute to making it even better!


Fouad WhatsApp is the best WhatsApp mod because it offers a wide range of features that you can’t find in the original app. With Fouad WhatsApp, you can unlock new features and customise your WhatsApp experience to make it more personalised.