Want to cherish your favorite memory – here is a guide to different types of picture Frames

we all make different memories in our lifetimes. Some we capture in our hearts, while we capture some in our cameras and mobiles. Sometimes we also decorate the walls of our homes with our sweet memories. Whenever, we do this, choosing a perfect and suitable picture frame for the wall and the environment of the room can be perplexing. We sometimes spend a lot of hours choosing a single frame for our wall. Nowadays, there are different types of picture frames available that will fit your wall and help in making it unique and eye-catching such as LED backlit photo frames. Let’s start this quick guide to help you and make your walls covered with pictures. 

Types of picture frames

  1. Gallery Frame: This type of frame you might see in a museum exhibition. The good thing is you can use this frame in any number. They create a sense of variations and visual interest when put together in a mix. You can also mix and match these frames. These frames give a frame-in-frame effect. You can use this frame for your expensive prints or paintings. Gallery frames can give a museum-worthy look to a home.
  2. Modern Frame: These frames have a minimalist look that put the whole attention on the print inside them and it allows photos to take the centre stage. Modern frames, as the name suggests, can be used in any space, while making your wall elegant. One can match the same size frames or can mix different sizes of frames as you please to do. They add sophistication and a modern glimpse into urban industrial space. 
  3. Floating Frame: Floating fame, as their name says, gives a floating appearance by using glass or acrylic in the place of a mat. They are used for displaying a single pic as a center of attraction to the viewer. Sometimes, these frames use acrylic to ensure UV protection and reduce the weight of the frame. These frames turn a blank wall into artwork, as they create an impression of a strong centerpiece. They draw attention.
  4. Deep-Set frame: These frames create a dimension and thus, create a unique profile by creating a shadow effect. They use a thick mat to attract the eye to view the interior artwork of the frame. These are perfect for placing a picture of a landscape or travel photos. They draw the viewer into the picture and remind of the beautiful memories of the time of the image.  They are usually not hung on the wall, so placing them near a shelf will give a layered look. Also if you change the position of another decor according to this, it will give a deep effect to the picture. 
  5. Canvas Prints: Canvas print photo frames are used for documenting the portraits that we want to cherish for ages. They are used for pictures of a special place in our hearts. These frames give dimension and stretch the canvas by bringing the image out of the wall. The canvas along with the added dimension adds a visual effect to the frame. These frames are used as the focal point of the wall, showcasing the image to the viewer. They give an eye to the intricate details of the image.
  6. Tabletop Frames: As the name says, they are placed on the tables to hold the pictures. If the place is short of space, just use one frame to avoid a cluttered look. In case of sufficient space, you can use different sizes and orientations of the frame to create a mini display in the room. These versatile frames can be placed on tables, shelves, and mantles. With the help of a detachable back stand, you can easily hang them on the wall or can put them on the table again. 

So, here was a short and sweet guide to decorating your home. Just remember, it all depends on you, which picture you want to place where and how, it enhances the beauty of your house and takes back the memories of good times. These frames are just a few, you can also create your customized frames of different spaces, sizes, and orientations and decorate your house.