Washington Convention Center Retains CWS For Construction Blackout Film Project

WASHINGTON – Continuing its long-term relationship with the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Commercial Window Shield recently completed a specialty film project on a tight deadline.

Rand Construction had started a project at the convention center and its work site was visible from outside the building through the windows. Convention center management, initially not aware this would be an issue, wanted the view blocked ASAP.

Working quickly on three-days’ notice over a weekend in poor weather, Commercial Window Shield employees installed removable construction blackout film that blocked the work area from outside view. Once the project is completed, the blackout film can easily be removed.

Convention center officials were thrilled with Commercial Window Shield’s fast response and excellent work on the project.

“Thank you for meeting our ridiculous time frame for install,” said

Cathy Boles, assistant director of development for Events DC’s Facility Operations department.

Commercial Window Shield’s relationship with the convention center began in 2016, when they installed 42,000 sq. ft. of solar control film to correct heat, glare and fading issues with furniture, carpet and artwork at the convention center. The project also included installing 7,500 sq. ft. anti-bird strike film on the L Street bridge corridor, a regular fly-through zone for birds.

In 2019, Commercial Window Shield installed switchable smart window film on interior office and conference room windows. The film has an electrical component that is wired to a light switch. When the switch is off, the film remains clear allowing passersby to see inside. When the switch is on a decorative pattern emerges in the film, blocking views of the interior and turning the glass into a privacy wall.

That same year the company installed decorative privacy film in two new office areas for employees.

When these projects were completed, Commercial Window Shield was hired on a multi-year window films installation contract for the convention center on an as-needed basis. The construction blackout film project was the first project completed under the new agreement.

Convention centers are a growing segment of the window film installation market as building owners realize they need to secure windows in buildings that often contain a considerable amount of glass.  Energy efficiency is a reason convention centers are interested in the installation of solar control on their glass. A combined security solar control window film often is the best solution for building owners interested in security and energy efficiency.

Previously, Commercial Window Shield installed security window film on 2,500 windows at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, where hurricanes are a constant threat.

With more than 40 years of experience, Commercial Window Shield is among the nation’s leading security window film, solar reflective window film and privacy window film installers.  Among its many projects in the Washington area, the company has protected windows at the U.S. Capitol, FBI headquarters, Pentagon, and all House of Representative and Library of Congress buildings.

Nationwide, the company has completed projects at O’Hare International Airport, the Willis Tower [former Sears Tower], Grand Central Terminal, Merrill Lynch headquarters, and the Denver and Philadelphia mints.