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You’ve probably heard that Guam’s massive construction project that began in 2010 will continue through 2014. The United States plans to move 8,000 military personnel to the island soon under a deal with the Japanese government.

The first influx of new citizens is expected to bring about 14,000 families and about 25,000 construction crews to begin boosting the island’s aging infrastructure and commercial port. Concrete is a particularly popular construction site.


Many Guam tenders are expected to involve some form of concrete work. This is due to the location of the island. Guam is located in the South Pacific and is the largest of the Mariana Islands. Geographically located in the middle of Typhoon Alley. The island is threatened by typhoons during the rainy season from July to November. But it can happen all year round. These devastating storms have turned many wooden structures into concrete buildings and electric pylons with steel and concrete structures.


To accommodate the large number of people that will soon flood Guam, the bulk of Guam’s tender requests will go out. Housing, roads, bridges, water treatment facilities, schools and hospitals will be required in large numbers. Not to mention the huge military base that will be built on the island. All this means a lot of concrete work!

final thoughts

There is a great opportunity here for many construction companies and small contractors. The proposed budget for this construction and renovation is in the billions of dollars. It’s time for employees to pay attention and submit Guam tender requests. The construction of Guam could benefit the economies of the states. here and there Bids and awards are expected to take effect in late 2010 and early 2011. Construction companies looking to earn good money from this 

Construction work is one of the most dangerous fields in the world. Employees handle heavy workloads and often operate machinery and perform tasks with their free hands. Yes, some protective equipment may be required. However, accidents do happen. Work-related injuries can happen in the blink of an eye and can be mild or severe. Most of the construction workers are pottana.

Injuries are often caused by machinery failures such as cranes, forklifts, front loaders and more. Construction failures, power outages, violations of due diligence and more.

Construction sites are high risk areas.

Construction sites are high risk areas. Therefore, workers in construction sites are mainly exposed to all kinds of hazards. The US Department of Labor requires development personnel to be provided with adequate safety equipment and compensation. Because they risk their personal health and their lives while working at the workplace.

Construction can be a very treacherous profession because of the type of hazards each person faces. The state imposes several regulations. Yet despite these protective safety measures, they are unable to provide even a small amount of money to comfort the family of the accident victims. Accidents may occur because employers are too irresponsible or employees are lax in following safety rules. Some contractors and sub-contractors may also be the reason for that.

Main Responsibilities of Construction Companies

No matter what type of construction company you are associated with. You should understand that your company and other senior executives have a responsibility to educate their employees on the appropriate safety precautions to take. It is also the employer’s responsibility to apply all mandatory safety rules based on federal regulations.

The most common injuries and accidents at construction sites

The next step is related to common hazards that occur on construction sites.

– Musculoskeletal disorders of the back, neck and extremities

– A worker is crushed by falling objects or even several machines

– Workers are pinned to walls by cars or machinery

– Employee caught by any machine.

– Slip and fall at any level on the development site.

– Automobile injuries

– Collapsed structure

– Electrocution

– Electric stove

– Severe burns

– Head and spinal injuries

These are common things that happen to helpless workers. Many of them are simply victims of their own negligence or someone else’s.

The right thing to do after an injury.

If you or a co-worker has been injured while at work it is imperative to contact an injury attorney immediately. He or she is the right person who can help you with your lawsuit. You are in control when you look into policy claims and identify the parties responsible for your injuries.

No one wants accidents in any construction work. But it is important that you get professional help.

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