What are Consumers’ Rights and Responsibilities in Telecom Services?

Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) is empowered to observe the telecom industry in UAE. It incorporates multiple legal aspects that must be followed regarding the use of telecom equipment. Whether you talk about the approval or safety of this equipment, the TRA must keep an eye on everything. Taking care of consumers is also integral to their services; however, consumers should assume a few responsibilities for better outcomes. This post will reveal consumers’ rights and responsibilities in telecom services. Keep walking with us to learn more!

Consumers’ Rights in Telecom Services:

Telecom regulatory authorities must represent consumers and work for their protection and empowerment. The Federal Law by Decree No. (3) of 2003 has empowered TRA to oversee the telecom sector in the United Arab Emirates. Talking about consumer protection, the authority has given them a few rights regarding telecom services which must be regulated under the law. Let us get straight into the rights section to see what consumers can ask for!

1. The right to access services:

It is probably the basic right every consumer should exercise in the country. Regulatory authorities should ensure that consumers access basic telecom services at affordable prices. Any telecom player or company violating this rule should be reported immediately to the higher authorities.

2. The right to price information:

Consumers should access full pre-contractual and price information regarding telecommunication services. The price information should be accurate, adequate, clear, and helpful enough to guide them about a particular service. Moreover, the telecom service provider should offer enough choices to consumers to help them make a better and more informed decisions.

3. Right to information assistance:

Consumers should receive information assistance from telecom service providers. The information should be accurate, timely, and helpful! Whether consumers seek assistance regarding services or TRA Type Approval, everything must be provided to them as they ask. The telecom services supplied in the UAE are vast, and consumers must be informed about various dimensions.

4. Right to fair treatment:

Telecommunication service providers should treat consumers fairly. There should be no discrimination between the consumers of another service as it is deemed a violation of basic rights. Any operator or service provider observed with this discrimination must be reported immediately to the telecom regulatory authorities.

5. Right to full terms and conditions:

Consumers can ask about the full terms and conditions of a particular product or service provided to them. Telecom service providers must inform them about the full terms and conditions regarding a particular service or an incoming new product/service that could match their demands.

6. The right to express dissatisfaction:

What if consumers are unhappy with a particular service? They have the right to complain about the functionality of the product/service, and the service provider must address the issue immediately. The dissatisfaction must directly be expressed to the telecom service provider in a particular area, and the issue must be resolved quickly for better experiences.

Consumers’ Responsibilities in Telecom Services:

After you have gone through the basic rights of consumers in telecom services, it’s time to explore their responsibilities. Making informed decisions and accepting a certain level of responsibility will do the job. Consumers also have a role to assume to keep the telecom industry functional. Let us go through the following points without any further ado!

1. Make careful decisions:

Making hasty or ill-informed decisions can have detrimental consequences, and consumers should know about it. Therefore, they must make careful and informed decisions regarding a particular product or service. It is better to take time in choosing a service than to complain every day about its ill functionality.

2. Obtain enough information:

The point falls in close collaboration with the first one! Consumers should obtain enough information about a particular product or service before purchasing it. Moreover, they can also inquire about the TRA Type Approval of special equipment and ask about other consumers’ experiences to stay on the safer side.

3. Compare prices and features:

Consumers should not follow the words of others; rather, they conduct a thorough research about a particular product or service before purchasing it. The process should incorporate comparing prices and features of different packages and products before making a purchase.

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4. Read the terms and conditions:

Another responsibility that consumers should assume is to read the full contract, including terms and conditions. They should strive to understand individual clauses in the contract and ask questions where needed. Before entering into a contract with a service provider, consumers should read the terms and conditions carefully!

Enjoy a reliable telecom service in UAE!

UAE is home to a vast network of telecommunication channels, and consumers always seek the best. However, to stay on the safer side, you should opt for a TRA-approved service provider and equipment to enjoy reliable telecom services in the United Arab Emirates.