What Are the Benefits of Assisted Living for Seniors?

You might have heard the term assisted living and not know exactly what it means. Is it a care facility? Is it home help? And why is it such a popular option for so many seniors? Find out exactly what assisted living is and what it can offer by reading on.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living allows a person or couple to live independently in a building, community or complex while having access to limited support with aspects of living such as washing or cleaning. 

Why is Assisted Living So Popular?

Many seniors have worked hard for their own home and space and are reluctant to give that up. When the time comes for them to move, perhaps because aspects of their current home such as stairs have become prohibitive, knowing they have the option of moving somewhere with their own personal space can be reassuring. Many seniors who notice they are less able to conduct tasks independently also like the idea of having someone on hand who can help them out if needed. Families of those who live in assisted living facilities often find they are more relaxed knowing their loved ones have support when necessary and are part of a community.

What Does Assisted Living Offer Seniors?

Each assisted living facility is unique, which is why it is vital to visit and see what is on offer before making any commitment. Some may be urban, whereas others may be in the country. Some are large and others are small. However, an assisted living complex will have staff available to offer support. This might be specialist, such as a community offering assisted living in Chesterfield who works with seniors with memory loss, Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Some assisted living facilities may offer more generalized help, such as with personal hygiene or reminding a senior to take their medication. Many also offer the opportunity for social interaction with other residentswhich is so important for seniors who might otherwise feel isolated. Most importantly, assisted living allows seniors to retain their independence in a safe environment.

How Assisted Living Can Help Seniors Enjoy Their Golden Years

Assisted living is often described as offering the best of both worlds – giving support when necessary but also allowing seniors to be independence. This can help boost the self-esteem of seniors who are living in assisted living facilities. The community aspect is also important as it offers interaction and communication – friendships are crucial at all ages. Some assisted living complexes have community halls which run events such as bingo and quizzes— these are fun social times where seniors can get together to laugh, share stories and make new memories or have shops and other facilities on site.

Making the decision to move yourself or a loved one into assisted living can feel like big step but for many people it is a hugely positive experience. Life is short – make the most of it by living your best life for as long as possible.