What Factors Drive Hollywood’s Continuing Success?

Lovingly referred to as Hollywood, America’s film industry has dominated the entertainment market on a global scale for many decades now, and is showing no signs of slowing down. Producing movies of blockbuster calibre on a consistent basis, it is also home to some of the world’s most talented people from the world of cinema, including actors, filmmakers, and directors.

But what exactly is it that drives Hollywood’s success, and keeps it producing many of the world’s favorite movies of all time, year on year?

Creativity and talent

With so much talent and creativity on display in Hollywood, it’s little wonder the movies it produces, turn out to be such hits. Attracting some of the world’s finest actors, writers and directors, Hollywood’s pool of talent is both diverse and rich, helping contribute to the success of so many movies throughout the years.

High production values

With a significant emphasis on high production values, the film industry in America uses the latest technology and equipment, and very best production teams, to create movies that are technically impressive and visually stunning. With such commitment extending right down from pre-production, all the way up to post-production, movies made in Hollywood tend to be captivating and flawless from a technical perspective.

Distribution and marketing

With its remarkable capabilities for distribution and marketing, film studios in Hollywood have got the global promotion of movies down to a fine art; something that’s essential for helping to generate massive revenues at the box office. With marketing campaigns that typically incorporate extensive advertising, tie-ins, and merchandise, they also offer release dates that are timed strategically for maximum impact.

Financial backing and investment

Major film studios and even smaller, independent production companies, are able to secure funding substantial enough to finance their projects, enabling filmmakers to take more risks creatively, attract the best talent from the filmmaking world, and make investments in cutting edge technology. Additionally, the film industry in America, has a well-established tax incentive and rebate system in place, encouraging production companies to make their movies in the country.

Global appeal

Appealing to global audiences is something Hollywood produced movies have always been able to do, with motion pictures that seem to go beyond the boundaries of culture and linguistics, and making them enjoyable and accessible for people to watch wherever they are in the world.

Franchise development and intellectual property

With franchises and intellectual properties that extend beyond a movie, such as theme parks, merchandise and even spin-off series for TV audiences, the film industry in America uses these to generate revenue on a consistent basis, and boost audience engagement.

Strong system of support

Helping to support the industry’s success, Hollywood has skilled labor, a wealth of filmmaking professionals, and post-production facilities on a world-class scale, that provide it with a well-rounded ecosystem for continued prosperity.

Impact and influence culturally

With an ability to shape and influence culture in ways no other country can, the film industry in America produces movies that often reflect what’s going on currently in society, from values, aspirations, and trends. The best hollywood films often succeed in conveying messages of significance that fuel important conversations about a whole host of critical issues.

With its success attributed to a number of factors, the American film industry has put Hollywood at the top of the food chain in global entertainment terms, and as the industry continues to adapt and evolve, it will be exciting to see what the future holds for cinema.