What Gifts to Bring Back for Friends From Pune


Located in the heart of Maharashtra, Pune is a stunning destination for all types of travellers. The city is known for its cultural and artistic scene, with many theaters, museums and art galleries. It is a melting pot of various cultures and has a rich tradition of music, dance and literature.

Since Pune has a rich history, it is surrounded by palaces and forts contributing to the city’s charm. When you are in Pune, you simply cannot ignore the blend of history and Maharashtrian culture seen in the bustling markets here. As you book Treebo Pune Hotels for comfort, here is your guide to collecting souvenirs for your loved ones from the city.

5 Best Souvenirs to Buy from Pune –

1. Paithani Sarees

The traditional silk saree known as a “Paithani saree” was created in the Indian state of Maharashtra in the town of Paithan. One of the finest sarees in India, it is renowned for its gorgeous handwoven designs and intricate embellishments. The saree’s rich texture and glossy finish are a result of its use of only pure silk in its construction.

By weaving gold or silver threads into the silk fabric, a process known as zari, the designs on the saree are made. The most common shades of the rich and vivid colors of green, yellow, pink and purple. Something that defines the craftsmanship of India can never go wrong as a souvenir!

2. Kolhapuri Chappal

You cannot do justice to your trip to Pune if you do not buy a set of Kolhapuri chappals. Handmade from leather, these chappals are renowned for their distinctive style, toughness and comfort. The leather of the chappal is frequently embellished with complex patterns and embroidery, adding to its allure.

The leather used to make the chappals is typically tanned using natural ingredients such as myrobalan. Such a deep process gives the leather a distinctive deep brown color making it a heritage and pride of Pune. As you shop more, check for Treebo Pune Hotels for the ultimate comfort.

3. Maharashtria Nath

The Maharashtrian nath is a beautiful and intricate piece of jewellery that has a rich cultural significance in Maharashtra. Pune is one of the best places to shop for different jewellery pieces defining the Maharashtrian culture. The nath is usually attached to a chain that goes around the back of the ear and is secured in place with a hook.

So, if you have friends and family members who love to wear an offbeat piece of jewellery, you definitely need to check this one. The nath is typically made of gold and is studded with pearls and other precious stones. Also, you can find various designs and intricacies in it.

4. Antique Products

When in Pune, you cannot ignore the influence of the Maharashtrian culture depicted through antique products. Right from the ancient statues of Lord Ganesha to the pride of Shivaji Maharaj, a lot can be found here. Juna Bazaar market is known for its antique products, especially old coins and jewellery.

Laxmi Road is another popular market in Pune where you can find a range of antique items like silverware, coins and furniture. Some places also offer age old paintings and brassware for art and history enthusiasts. So, book Treebo Pune Hotels for a comfortable stay after shopping.

5. Traditional Sweets

Pune has a rich culinary tradition and is famous for its delicious sweets. Sure that some of your friends or family members have a sweet tooth and Pune definitely does justice to such dessert lovers. You must go for Shrikhand, a sweet dish made of strained yogurt, sugar and various flavorings like saffron and cardamom.

Pune is a city that celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi in complete splendor so you can find sweet Modaks in almost all shops here. Apart from this, Puran Poli and Bhakarwadi are popular food options for your loved ones. Karachi is also a sweet dish available in the markets of Pune.

6. Embroidered Bags

Pune is a one stop destination for all shopping lovers. If you happen to be in the city, you cannot miss the mesmerizing charm of embroidered bags covered in vibrant colours. Most markets have these tote bags hanging on the top with intricate designs.

Do not forget to bargain for the right price of an embellishment bag. You can also find various embroidered bags signifying the craftsmanship and history of Pune. It is a good idea to book Treebo Pune hotels near one of the market areas so that you can fill your bags and heart with joy and comfort.

7. Accessories

Like any other city, Pune is home to some of bustling and trendy shopping streets that attracts the college crowd here. It also has various malls where you can find stylish accessories including statement necklaces and earrings. 

Fergusson College Road is a famous destination for sunglasses and quirky watches. If you are eyeing for traditional Maharashtrian jewellery and other elements, Tulsi Baug does justice to your search. You can also find various budget-friendly Treebo Pune hotels for a hygienic and safe stay.

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Pune is indeed a beautiful city to experience richness of culture and cuisines. As you buy some of the authentic gifts for your loved ones, make sure to wrap them in love and glory of the city.


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