What is eyebrow plucking? Micro beading’s optional transfer lamination

 Is no longer just a reference to the shiny finish your first grade teacher applied to that important piece of paper? The concept has made a big comeback in our adult lives with the latest eyebrow trend. An innovative technology called eyebrow lamination originates from Russia and is rapidly making its way to the West. You may have seen pictures of fluffy, smooth, high-gloss corners taking over your Instagram Explore page. Well, this is eyebrow lamination. It’s more or less a semi-permanent eyebrow.

“Taking unruly or thinning brows and smoothing them out,” says Amber Harrison, brow expert and owner of Brow Envy Ohio, with salons in Cincinnati and Columbus. It also lifts the hair vertically.” “The end result is very smooth brows. , that look like you’re using brow gel.” No matter what your brows are—gaps, thinning, over-plucking, unmanageability—brow lamination is a great solution and a great alternative to micro blading.

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you can’t live without! “Take our annual poll to choose the best hair, makeup, nail and skin care products that deserve our coveted Readers’ Choice seal,” said Harrison. “It can give people the brows they’ve always wanted in less than an hour.” “It hides small gaps and creates the illusion of hair growth. Most of my clients are in their 30s and 50s and they’ve lost most of their eyebrows, that’s the natural aging process, disease.” or simply due to excessive waxing. It is a non-invasive, temporary but effective way to improve your eyebrows in an affordable way.

Anglers, especially in England, can’t get enough of the dramatic results it gives. This comes as no surprise to me, as brow lamination can quickly give you the curves of your favorite British celebrities, including but not limited to Cara Delavigne, Emilia Clarke and Lucy Boynton – regardless of which brows are in B mode. Also, if you scroll through more posts than a hash tag, most of them are from the city, and Brow Company founder Le Blackwell is one of the pioneers of this treatment. “This is the first time we’ve been able to reconstruct a client’s eyebrows without needles or semi-permanent makeup,” she explains to Allure. “Brow lamination allows you to lift a client’s arch, lengthen the tail, lift the brows to give them fuller brows or give them a messy, bushy brow.

What is the eyebrow lamination process?

Brow lamination is basically the best thing for your brows because it gives them a firm, even shape for longer. Curl Instead Setting Lotion helps to brush and lift eyebrows for about six weeks. If you’re lucky, “you’ll wake up [every morning] to bolder, fuller, and beautifully shaped brows within two months,” says Bristol, England brow expert Claudia Obey, who teaches a brow lamination class. The actual process begins by applying brow cream to your brows, which “creates a chemical process that breaks the bonds of each hair, giving them a new shape,” Ode explains. Next, the brows are brushed into place and a neutralizer is used to “repair the splits into a new shape,” she says. After that, nourishing oil is added to the corners, which restores their moisture after chemical treatment.

From there, the eyebrows can be While you can expect laminated brows to last

up to two months, you can prolong the look with a clear brow wax like the iconic London Brow Silk. Because this trend is only in the US. Are there any disadvantages to eyebrow lamination? As wonderful eyebrow lamination  sounds, new dermatologist. First of all, he takes care of the skin of the eyelids themselves, because it is the thinnest and most sensitive skin of the body. “That’s why it needs special care and attention from the skin care products we use,” she tells Allure. “It is particularly sensitive to irritation, so the strong chemicals in its brow laminate can cause a rash characterized by red, dry, itchy, inflamed skin.” Another concern he offers is the potential for exposure to these corrosives. Chemicals, he says, into the eyes themselves, which can cause “potentially irreversible damage.” Both problems are related to exposure to eyebrow coloring.