What Is General Dentistry?

The general dentistry Tomball TX is a professional association for dentists practicing in the field of general dentistry. Its members include general dentists from Canada and the United States. The Academy of General Dentistry provides education and resources to general dentists to ensure high quality care. The association’s members are knowledgeable and experienced about a wide variety of dental treatments and procedures. It also works to advance the profession. Its mission is to promote general dentistry as a highly-valued profession in society.


General dentistry treatments include a wide range of services aimed at keeping your teeth and gums healthy. They may involve tooth cleaning, scaling, x-rays, and use of diagnostic equipment. These services can also include the restoration of damaged teeth and gums. A general dentist may perform restorative dental procedures to fix teeth or repair defects caused by trauma or disease.

The most common of these procedures involves cavity fillings. These procedures restore the structure of damaged teeth and prevent further damage. Generally, these fillings are made of tooth-colored composite materials, which help to prevent decay and preserve the structure of the tooth. Some general dentists also provide patients with crowns, artificial teeth that protect and maintain the tooth’s structure.


General dentists perform a wide range of procedures to restore the appearance of your smile. They check for cavities, gum disease, and other oral diseases, and may recommend either a direct restoration or an indirect one. Direct restorations are made inside the mouth and usually require just one office visit. These procedures include tooth-colored adhesive bonding materials, such as composite resin.

General dentistry procedures range from filling cavities to placing crowns. While these procedures are typically straightforward, some patients may require more complex care. A general dentist may refer patients to other dental professionals if necessary.


A general dentist is a dentist who provides general oral health care to a broad range of patients. He or she may see children, adults, seniors, and even those with special needs. The tasks that a general dentist performs range from routine cleanings to diagnosing and treating complex dental conditions. A general dentist can also treat obstructive sleep apnea and other health conditions through the use of an oral appliance.

The field of general dentistry is unique in that it focuses on prevention. Approximately 65 percent of dental procedures are preventative or diagnostic. In addition, general dentists focus on oral hygiene and prevention to help people avoid oral disease. Untreated oral disease can lead to serious pain, loss of time at work and school, and a large societal cost.


If you are looking for general dentists, you should choose a location that offers a variety of services. You will find that some general dentists also have additional specialties, such as pediatric dentistry. These dental clinics have experienced dental professionals who can address a wide range of needs. In addition, they can give you advice on the right insurance plans for you.


Cost of general dentistry Tomball TX can vary depending on the procedure you need. Typical procedures include dental fillings, crowns and root canal therapy. Additionally, general dentists can provide care for loose or broken teeth. Often, they work together with a team that knows your dental history and can provide the most appropriate treatment for your needs. Other services include dental bridgework, dental implants and dentures.

The cost of general dentistry can vary from practice to practice and even between dentists, so it’s important to compare prices before choosing a dental office. You can also check with your health insurance company for accepted providers. Besides, regular checkups are a great way to keep your teeth healthy and to prevent costly dental procedures.