What is jelly gel polish? Can it dry on its own? Which type is good?

What is jelly gel polish?

Gel polish is one of the most popular modern paints today. The jelly nail set feels soft, shiny and the color is also very pretty and durable. Let’s take a look at a few notes when using this paint as well as the types that are popular with users today.

What is jelly gel polish?

Beauty for hands is very popular nowadays. Along with that, many new technologies were born. To have a beautiful nail set, water plays an important role. Gel polish is one of the modern and unique types that are very popular with women today.

Jelly gel polish is similar to gel polish with high durability, solidity and super beautiful shine. However, the jelly-painted nails will create a pale, transparent feeling like jelly. Thanks to that, the nails always exude a luxurious, delicate and extremely soft beauty.

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Nowadays, jelly gel sets have become more and more popular and popular. This paint style also has a variety of different colors for you to choose from. From simple, cute nail designs to luxurious and noble styles, this jelly can be combined.

Can jelly gel polish dry on its own?

Those who are going to or are using this paint for the first time need to learn how to use it. Especially the issue of whether gel polish can dry on its own. This is very important because everyone will probably need to prepare an additional heater. And in fact, jelly gel polish will not be able to dry on its own under natural conditions . This is basically the same as regular gel polish. Therefore, you will definitely need to equip additional lamps as well as specialized nail tools.

In addition, in the gel polish process, people often have to combine many different layers. The nail polish is relatively thick, so it is very difficult and time consuming to wait for it to dry in the natural environment. If you are not careful, you can make your nails less polished, not creating the transparent beauty needed. In short, using this type of paint, people will definitely have to heat the lamp to dry the nail completely.

How much does gel polish cost?

There are many brands of gel polish on the market today. And the price is also very varied. According to the survey, the price for a bottle of this paint can range from 30,000 VND to 120,000 VND. This depends on the paint brand people choose. In general, the price is relatively moderate, compared to normal gel polishes, there is not too much difference.

Therefore, when buying nail polish or opening a salon, people should buy more lines of jelly paint to bring more choices to customers.

Steps to apply standard jelly gel

To apply jelly gel, everyone needs to know the process and proceed to the standard. Here is a step-by-step guide to professional gel polish for those who are inexperienced.

  • Step 1: Clean and cut the nail shape to suit your preferences. Usually with jelly polish, people will apply it to short, not too long nails.
  • Step 2: Proceed to paint the first base layer and heat the lamp.
  • Step 3: Use gel polish to gently cover the nail. When finished painting, people should not rush to heat the lights, but carefully check the nail areas to make sure they are even or it will be difficult to see.
  • Step 4: Heat the lamp until the first coat is dry.
  • Step 5: Engraving with gel polish requires at least 2 layers, with jelly paint everyone can just paint one layer, but if you feel unsatisfied, you can proceed to paint the second layer of paint and also proceed with lighting. .
  • Step 6: Paint the top layer and heat the lamp to complete the basic jelly painting process.
Gel polish should limit too many layers
Gel polish should limit too many layers

With jelly paint, everyone needs to pay attention to take a few colors and rub the brush firmly so that the paint will be beautiful. Do not apply to the 3rd coat because it can lose the required transparent nail effect.

Which type of gel polish is good?

One of the questions many people ask about rhinestones is which type to use. As mentioned, many companies in many countries trade this product line. So if you have no experience, it will be quite difficult. Let’s take a look at some of the top famous jelly gel polishes today to make it easier to choose.

Very Good Nail Gel Polish Company

One of the world’s leading famous nail polish brands is Very Good Nail. Coming from Korea, the products of this brand are selling well in the world, including Vietnam. People can find many different types of paint from this company, including jelly paint.

Very Good Nail’s paint is especially easy to use, very durable and also limits the negative effects on nails. The palette of this brand’s gel polish is very diverse. Thus creating convenience for everyone in the process of using. People can buy each paint bottle individually or buy a set of more than 24 colors for about 500,000 VND.

Top quality Very Good Nail gel polish brand
Top quality Very Good Nail gel polish brand

Polish RuBy . Gel Polish

If you can’t find yourself a quality jelly paint, you can refer to Polish RuBy. This is a paint brand that is also chosen by many Vietnamese people and reputable nail salons. Polish RuBy’s paint line has a high durability that can last up to 20 days. 

When painting on nails, people will feel the beautiful, soft, clear, jelly-like shine of this paint. The colors are also very diverse, beautiful and trendy. Currently, Polish RuBy 18ml bottle of polish is sold for about 65,000 VND.

Polish RuBy Gel Polish is highly rated
Polish RuBy Gel Polish is highly rated

TAO brand gel polish

Also chosen by many users today is TAO gel polish. The price is not too expensive, but the quality of this product is quite high. The gel polish color has a beautiful, transparent gloss that is very attractive. In addition, they also have a mild odor, which does not affect health much. When used to create jelly nail styles, it is especially fresh, luxurious and very eye-catching.

TAO jelly gel polish is also produced in a variety of colors. You can buy individual bottles, sets of 24 bottles, 120 bottles… Currently, a set of 24 bottles of TAO gel polish costs about 520,000 VND.

Cheap but quality TAO brand gel polish
Cheap but quality TAO brand gel polish

Paint products Viarashi

What kind of good jelly gel polish can’t be missed from the products from the Viarashi brand. This product is used by many professional manicurists because of its smooth texture, it is very easy to use. At the same time, it also helps the nail surface to be shiny, standard and even. After finishing nail polish can maintain color up to 1 month.

Viarashi’s line of jelly paints comes in many different colors for everyone’s convenience. In addition, the paint is also evaluated as safe, less harmful to the skin. A set of Viarashi gel polish including 42 colors is currently sold for about VND 800,000.

BLANC jelly gel polish

BLANC jelly gel polish is also ideal for anyone to use. Besides the durable and beautiful paint, the color is also especially standard and bright. Using this paint, people will feel the softness and blend well with the nails. Besides, they also create a shiny feeling and do not form air bubbles during the painting process.

A set of BLANC rhinestones including 60 genuine colors is priced at about 1.6 million VND.