Real estate tech marketing is a proposal that provides the possibility of “going through” and choosing the designs of a home before it is built. In this sense, real estate companies have grown a lot in recent years and with the aim of adapting new technologies to the sector, they have innovated with the creation of new applications. If you want to internalize yourself and know the details of real estate tech, keep reading!

In this way, it is possible to see the results of your imagination in the preparation of the house in a virtual way before it is built. To deliver new tools to clients, real estate marketing brought a very important application to architecture.

The best-known company in Pakistan is Ghafari Marketing. It emerged in Pakistan in 2008 with the aim of modernizing the real estate industry through the use of Technology like The Avalon City first Tech-Enable Housing Community.


To see what your home will look like before construction begins, you need a virtual reality headset or headset. The one used by Vitruvio Labs is the Oculus Quest 2, also known as Meta Quest 2, whose main characteristic is to be one of the most advanced and accessible on the market.

Once the headset is on, there is no need to connect it to a computer. So this allows for much easier moving around as there won’t be any wires in between. Although the main function of the technological device is related to gaming, “there are many areas that are turning to virtual reality.”

“Because today practically everything can be done with this device,” announce Sebastián Pozzi, creator of the tech cutting company. And he added: “Like simulating surgery, exploring the bottom of the sea, watching a movie in a virtual cinema.”

This system works exactly the same in all parts of the world, the client must obtain the device and will obtain access to a personalized app to view their property in 3D. In this way, you can tour the house, and change furniture and wall colors, among other features.


With the intention of creating a company that innovates in the market and wins the interest of its peers from the outset, Sebastián Pozzi, along with his brother Javier and Ignacio Vera Salama, initially invested US$3,000.

Currently, its main clients are real estate agents, developers and architects from different parts of the world, who pay based on the size and details of the moldings made.

In this sense, a two-room apartment costs approximately US$300. While a two-story house with seven rooms is close to US$1,000. With this format, users who wish to enter from any digital device do not have to pay, since those who designed it have already done so.


The creator of the company, Pozzi, spoke with the Argentine portal Infobae and gave unique details of the application. “The idea is develop because we detect that technology is not  use in Real Estate, as well as in other areas.”

In addition, he added: “We chose the name that leads us to a masterpiece and reference of design.” And he indicated that this “activity is transversal to our work and a key piece in several of our services”.

“We know that the best thing is that the owner of that future home can experience it in the first person,” he said. He also pointed out: “We achieved this thanks to the immersion that virtuality gives us, the realism that 3D artists and software providers.”

Finally, he concluded: “We achieved this thanks to the immersion that virtuality gives, the realism that 3D artists provide and the software that allows the user to see the possibilities of their future home.”

We hope this note has helped you to understand a little better the benefits of Real Estate Marketing Tech. Which is One of the most important trends in the sector in recent years. If you still have doubts, at Genus we offer all kinds of advice in the real estate market to help you make the best decision for your investment, go ahead and consult us.