What makes the Thirumanancheri temple so well-liked?

This temple is linked to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati’s union. As a result, worshippers looking for an early marriage frequently visit the thirumanancheri temple. A visit to this shrine is thought to eliminate all barriers and open the door to an early union. The Thirumanancheri temple is renowned for its ability to eliminate barriers to delayed

marriage and to bring together estranged couples.

1. The temple of Thirumanancheri’s specialties: 

This temple is well-known for its marital adoration. Anyone looking to settle down in marriage must visit this temple. And purchase all of their archana items from the temple shop. There are many con artists selling garlands at the entry, so we must be cautious. After receiving Darshan from Moolavar Siva, we must proceed to Urchavar Kalyanasundarar, which is well-known for its marriage prarthana.

2. History of the temple: 

The temple Archagar begins Samasti Sangalpam for their good wishes for marriage and couples for their happy lives. All the people who want to settle down in marriage are sitting in batches, and married couples who have already completed the temple prarthana also sit in line. Then, garlands must be given to newlywed couples, and unmarried boys and girls also get garlands. We must store this garland in our home’s pooja room until our marriage. At which point we must visit this temple to do prarthana together. strong prayers.

There should be a large number of single people visiting this temple to worship and present garlands to the Divine couple. This will undoubtedly remove all roadblocks preventing a delayed marriage and pave the way for their ideal spouse. The individual might get the unique Thirumanancheri marriage pooja ritual performed by the temple’s priests. Once this Pooja is complete. 

3. Puja customs: 

Please give pranam to Sri Selva Ganapathy after the Kodi Maram while entering the temple. At the Ghee Deepa Mantap, light five Ghee deepams, then take a seat at the Marriage Prarthana Mantap. All of your Pooja Samagri will be collected by the temple priest. Pray for the Goddess and Sri Kalyana Sundareswar. You’ll be given Prasadam at the end of the Pooja. Please accept the priest’s gift of lemon juice. When you go home, take a head wash and sip lemon juice without salt or sugar. Keep the garland that you received from the priest in the Pooja chamber safe. After being married, come here with your spouse and present the wreath to the temple.

4. Pray for a baby’s birth:

 The married couple can visit this temple on the new moon day and pray to “Raghu Bhagavan” if they desire to conceive a child. The married couple must present garlands to the Lord on this day for their wish for a child to be granted quickly. Different poojas are performed on various days. And a person can perform one of them depending on the difficulty they are currently experiencing.


The straightforward pooja rituals combined with the temple’s powerful deities make it a popular tourist destination. For hundreds of years, people have come to the thirumanancheri temple. Received auspicious blessings from the divine couple, and had their marital conflicts resolved. They have also experienced prosperity and happiness in their lives.