What makes Touchless Car Wash System a Better Choice?

Have you ever heard about a touchless car wash system? If not, then this is the article in which you will learn about it in detail. Have you ever had a bad experience at a car wash? I mean went to a car service station to have a clean and neat car but ended up with some new scratches on your vehicle. Perhaps that is enough to keep you going back to that service station. Touchless car wash is opposite to the standard car wash as it ensures car safety without any scratches or damages. Before getting into the benefits of a touchless car wash, at first, we should know a bit more about it.

What is a Touchless Car Wash?

Time is changing, and so is the approach of people as they are looking for new options for car wash. In this modern day and age, rather than going to a standard car wash system to have their vehicle clean and shiny, people are seeking options that can have as less contact with the car surface as possible but without compromising on the quality of work. A touchless car wash system does not use any scrub or brushes that can cause any scratch on the car’s surface. This system uses high-pressure water and condensed products for the cleaning of the vehicle. This car wash system uses touch free car wash equipment managed by sensors. 

The second thing that comes to mind after learning about a touchless car wash system is how it works or functions. So let’s understand how it works.

How does a Touchless Car wash work?

The process of washing or cleaning the car in a touchless system begins with pouring water on a vehicle and then adding or smudging it with a pre-soak mixture. Specialized touchless car wash detergents and cleaning powders are used to deliver high-quality washing result that is utterly pristine. Then the system has high-pressured water jets that lift and wash the car blowing every little piece of dirt and grime from the vehicle surface from top to bottom. The system also has high-pressure air that assists in the immaculate drying process of the car, which makes the car look brand new. It is the small detail of how the touchless car wash system works.

The advantages of the Touchless Car Wash System

There are reasons people are opting for this advanced method of washing the car, and those reasons are the benefits that it offers. The benefits or advantages of using the new car wash system are as follows:

Saves Water

As we all know, water is a natural resource that we cannot live without, and in many countries, there is a potential threat of water drought in years to come. So one can save a portion of water by opting for the touchless car wash system as it saves water, or you can say it uses less water than a regular car wash. Touchless car wash has a sensor that determines the amount of water used which is not to be found in a standard car wash service. 

It is operational 24/7

Touchless car wash requires no man force to operate, so it implies it can work on its own, which makes it operational 24/7. 24-hour working is not only feasible or beneficial for the customer but also for the owner. The customer can walk at any time of the day or any day of the week to have his car washed, and at the same time, an owner can make more money and revenue by it. Unlike the standard car wash, the touchless car wash system makes 24/7 business operation possible which is great, to say the least. 

It’s Safer

By choosing the contemporary touchless car wash service, you confirm that your car’s delicate parts are secure from all the scratches and harm which can transpire in a standard car wash. They clean your car more efficiently and effectively by concentrating on every little fragment. Unlike ordinary car wash services, where many items are in contact with the vehicle, only water and detergent are used to clean up the car. These systems give maximum satisfaction to the customers by cleaning and keeping the vehicle safe.