What Should I Know About Trucking Accidents In Philadelphia? 

Besides law and order, whom to sue, and how much compensation you are about to receive from the crash, there are a lot more things related to truck collisions that you should know. Although hiring a Philadelphia truck accident attorney does the job, it’s always wise to do some homework first. 

Why Are Trucking Collisions Riskier Than Other Vehicle Collisions?

Considering the size of the lorries involved, fatalities in trucking accidents tend to be larger. Standard semi-trucks can transport up to 42 to 46,000 pounds of freight, with an estimated gross weight of 18 to 21,000 lbs, (here, most of the weight, around 80,000 lbs, is distributed across all wheels).

What Disabilities Occur Most Frequently in Trucking Accidents?

As previously stated, truck accidents frequently result in far more serious injuries than incidents involving passenger cars. Traumatic cerebral injuries, spinal cord concussions, amputation or loss of limb(s), and wrongful death are by far the most frequent and severe trucking crash injuries. 

What Causes Trucking Accidents?

There are several causes of transportation accidents. Truck drivers, for example, risk colliding with other vehicles if they are drowsy or fatigued while operating the vehicle. Accidents involving semi-trucks might also result from maintenance problems. Accidents are caused by inexperienced or reckless truck drivers. There are a lot more examples than just these three.

Who Is Responsible for My Damage from a Trucking Accident?

You may be able to hold numerous parties liable, including that of the truck driver and the employer, based on the specifics. However, it frequently happens that the tractor-trailer that is coupled to the semi-truck is owned by a 3rd party/leasing firm rather than the transportation company. This is frequently a point of controversy and can make a claim more challenging.

Depending on whether a faulty component caused the accident or there was improper upkeep, you might be capable of holding the truck’s manufacturer and/or the repair shop responsible. You may be able to hold the individuals who loaded the vehicle accountable if the collision was brought on by inadequately stacked cargo.

If you have been in a truck accident, it is strongly advised that you see an expert attorney because there are so many individuals who could be held accountable. And you never know who! 

How Much Does a Trucking Accident Settlement Typically Amount to?

This question’s response depends on a number of variables. These considerations cover the total expense of past, current, and future medical expenses as well as lost wages and suffering and pain. These specifics differ from situation to situation. Since some lawsuits do not settle, the best firms/lawyers prepare the case for trial in order to get every client the highest amount of reimbursement.