What to do if your rental car is stolen?

If you are facing the unexpected situation of a rental car being stolen then immediate action is very important. In this case some steps are very important which help you to navigate the process easily. Moosa rent a car Dubai also has some specific processes in such a situation like reporting stolen cars to local authorities and notifies them immediately. Below guide will help you in the process what to do when your rental car is stolen in Dubai


Contact the Police

If you are suffering from the situation of a rental car stolen in Dubai, immediate contact with police is vital. So contact their given number in Dubai 999 and provide them details about the car like model,color and license plate number. Also get the police report and notify the rental company and follow their process which is written in your agreement. When your car is stolen in Dubai then it is essential that you can clearly communicate with the police and local authorities.

Contact with the Rental Company

If you face any situation like a stolen car then contact with moosa rent a car Dubai urgently. Use the company’s emergency number for contact which is provided in contract and provide all essential details which they want. Clear communication is very important for a smoother process as it helps in resolving stolen rent a car issue in Dubai.

Provide information to Rental Company and Police

In the condition of a rental car stolen, provide all information to police and rental company. Corporate fully by providing them information about car like model, color and license plate number. You must also provide any document and information which they demand from you. When you cooperate with both police and rental company it ensures a coordinated effort in  solving stolen car issues immediately.

Get report from Police

Another essential step is getting a report from the police when you face the condition of a stolen rental car in Dubai. For this process contact the police instantly and provide them all necessary information which they want about robbery. Always remember to cooperate with police by ensuring proper documentation like license plate number and model and color. The report form police is vital for both rental company and insurance Company as it is beneficial in resolving your problem. Also remember to secure a copy of the police report with yourself as it may be helpful for you at any time. 

Contact your Insurance Company

If you are suffering from the condition of a stolen rentaL car then immediately contact your insurance company in Dubai. Tell them about theft and provide them all essential information which they want including the police report. Also remember to talk clearly and accurately with your insurance company and follow their guideline which they provide. In Dubai if you purchase rental car insurance with Moosa rent a car Dubai also informs them about stolen.

Corporate with the Investigation

The next step is cooperating in the process of investigation. When you are dealing with a situation like a stolen rental car, work closely with police and company. If the company or police want any type of information or document, collaborate with them and provide it. Always remember to stay responsive and accessible in the process of Investigation. Your cooperation with the police and rental company is very helpful in resolving the problem of stolen car.

Check Rental Agreement terms

If you face an unexpected situation like a stolen car then examine your rental agreement terms immediately. Always remember to understand your obligations and responsibilities in this type of situation. Familiarizing with terms which are mentioned in your rental agreement ensures smooth and effective resolution of stolen car

Consider additional cost

If you’re facing any type of situation like a stolen card in Dubai, always consider potential additional costs.  Be aware of any costs which are separate from the initial rental fees and remember to review your rental agreement which allow you to understand financial implications. When you familiarize yourself with potential additional costs it ensures a reliable solution to the stolen car problem.

Obtain a replacement car

When you face a situation like a stolen rental car in Dubai, option for replacement car with Moosa rent a car Dubai. Contact the rental company immediately and ask them for an alternative option for a car. Always remember terms and conditions of the rental company about the replacement car in Dubai.


When you are facing a scenario or situation like a stolen rental car in Dubai, immediate action is very important. Moosa Luxury rent a car Dubai provides their specific processes and guidelines in their rental agreement. From contact with the police to contact with rental company and Insurance company each and every process is very important. Understanding rental agreement terms and knowledge about additional potential costs is also important. This complete guide will help you in stolen rental car resolving problems.


What should I do when I don’t have the license plate number of a stolen rental car in Dubai?

If your rental car gets stolen and you don’t know about the license plate number then do not   confuse and just provide as much information as possible to Moosa rent a car. 

Can I use personal insurance if a rental car is stolen in Dubai?

Yes, you can use your personal insurance but check our policies if your rental car is stolen in Dubai.

Are there any additional costs if my rental car is stolen in Dubai? 

Yes, there are various additional rental costs which may apply when a rental car is stolen in Dubai. If you want to know about these costs and its conditions, review your rental agreement.

Is it worthwhile to inform the police about a stolen rental car in Dubai?

Yes,it is worthwhile to inform the police about a stolen rental car in Dubai . It provides comfort and allows the police to do their process about robbery.

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