Why Pre-Roll Joint Boxes? And how can they boost your Brand and Drive its Sales?

How packaging your cannabis products can improve the brand’s sales? Why are customized boxes for pre-roll joint packaging vital? The reasons are very simple the cannabis industry is growing day by day. Everyone wants to get rid of monotonous packaging. Businesses and clients look for variety.

The packaging of roll buds with endless customized options gives a very distinctive presentation to products. Additionally, wholesale pre roll joint boxes with a printed logo and colorful design outshine the brand. As a result, the exclusive prints and enticing designs grab customers” attention and convince them to buy the products.

Wholesale Pre-Roll Joint Boxes: Select Style of Boxes for Pre-Roll Joint Packaging

Cannabis products are found in diverse sizes and dimensions. You can go with any style that befits your objects.

1. Tray and sleeve pre-roll joint boxes:

The tray and sleeve are foldable two-piece boxes. This box reveals your inside products and gives the audience an impressive unboxing experience.

2. Pre-roll display boxes:

Pre-roll joint display boxes are designed to showcase products in the retail store. The display packaging enhances the visual appeal of the products and compels customers to buy the product.

3. Cigarette pre-roll joint packaging:

Cigarette boxes provide an extra space to print logos, taglines, and informative texts.

Give Enticing Printing Colors to Pre-Roll Joint Packaging:

Printing pre-roll joint boxes is significant in breaking or making your cannabis brand. We utilize state-of-the-art printing machines in the manufacturing of wholesale pre-roll joint packaging.

  • Offset Printing Technique
  • Digital Printing Technique
  • Printing Color Models
  • No Color Printing

Manufacturing of Custom Pre-Roll Boxes in Top-Quality Printing Stock:

Various printing stock is available to manufacture custom pre-roll boxes. It becomes very challenging to choose the best quality stock. We at Urgent Boxes manufacture boxes in nature-friendly and durable stock. Our company is equipped with kraft, corrugated and cardboard. All types of materials have their specifications and purposes. So, you choose according to your product’s needs.


Types of Printing MaterialSpecifications of Material
Kraft§  Kraft is safe for the environment.
§  It is used to pack lightweight items.
Kraft pre-roll joint packaging is reusable.
Cardboard§  Cardboard is durable.
§  This type of stock is used to pack heavy-weight items.

Outshine Your Cannabis Brand with Extraordinary Coatings:

Today, cannabis brands are working in large amounts. It becomes difficult to set your business apart in the flooded market. The use of coatings and enticing embellishments have made it easy. Coatings give a unique and luxurious appearance to pre roll packaging boxes and keep your products safe and protected from external harm.

  • Gloss Lamination
  • Mate Lamination
  • Aqueous Coating
  • PVC Sheets

Enjoy Discount on Large Quantity Orders:

A large number of orders will benefit you in terms of cost as we offer special discounts on great quantities.

Need Assistance: Get Free Designing Guidance by Professional Designers:

Are you unaware of customized options or unable to finalize any design for Custom pre-roll joint packaging? Leave your worries behind. We at Urgent Boxes provide free-of-cost designing aid and guide our clients to select the best quality printing solutions. 

Please don’t wait and get our outstanding services at reasonable rates and outshine your cannabis brand in the meantime.