Why Brand Names Are Important for the Survival of Your Business?

Your brand name is easily among the most crucial elements of your business. After all, it’s how your customers recognize you and what you have to offer. Think about it, the biggest companies in the world make an impression with their name alone.

Your brand name doesn’t have to elaborate on what your company is producing. But, it would be helpful if it was catchy. Also, some of the best brand names in the world are the easiest to pronounce. Such easy-to-pronounce common brand names include Pepsi, for instance!

So, how to come up with a brand name that lasts long? And why should you care about brand naming to succeed in your business? Let’s discuss.

  1. Brand Naming Is an Investment

Brand name is a powerful tool that works as an investment in the long run. An instantly recognizable brand is more likely to be favored by the general public. Doing so allows you to achieve your business objectives. Increasing your volume of sales is sure to be one of these objectives. Another goal would likely be increasing your revenue.

Not every company is convinced that brand names are that important. After all, a product is meant to speak for itself, right? Well, marketing experts highly disagree with you on that.

Creating a good brand name is a very cost-effective method of grabbing eyeballs. It allows you to pique the curiosity of customers about what you’re offering them. You don’t need a costly marketing campaign to put your point across here.

You can increase your revenue using two business strategies. One, you can increase the volume of your sales. Two, you can raise the profit margin on your products. The great thing about branding is that you can achieve both of these strategies with it.

All you need is to convey the specialty of your brand through its name. You can do this by running a marketing campaign outlining what your brand is all about. Of course, this won’t be necessary if you’re already an established brand.

But, it would help to reinvent yourself using new marketing media. Of all the marketing materials at your disposal, a brand name would last the longest. So, it makes sense that it would also be your most important marketing investment.

  1. Brand Names Make You Unique

Experts will tell you that brand differentiation is the key to selling products. The same goes for brands working in the service industry. Your brand name allows you to separate yourself from other businesses in the market.

There’s more than one way to differentiate your company from others. For instance, product differentiation is popular in the retail and luxury goods sector. This allows brands to create products that are different from competing products. It allows customers to view the product differently than they view competing products.

Often, these differences are slight and could be improvements over general designs. But, such improvements demand a high amount of investment. This is especially true in industries where mass production is the norm.

Brand name differentiation is much simpler and needs minimal investment. It involves choosing a unique brand name that stands out from those of your competitors. You can have such a name even if your products aren’t that different from each other.

For instance, the brands Adidas and Puma produce very similar products. But, customers can differentiate between them because their names aren’t alike. This sort of differentiation allows customers to have a preference for brands.

  1. Branding Ties Your Marketing Efforts Together

Another great reason to focus on a brand name is that it ties your marketing efforts together. If you choose a name and build your brand around it, you may be doing yourself a favor in the long run.

Your logo and tagline can revolve around your brand name. For instance, consider the brand ‘Hot Wheels’. Its famous logo features the letters of the words ‘Hot Wheels’ framed in a flaming banner. This allows people to remember the brand name and logo; thanks to the link between them.

The most luxurious brand names have minimalistic logos to reflect their products. Examples of good brand names are Cartier and Gucci. People tend to understand what these brands are all about just from their logo and name.

You can even design an entire digitalized marketing campaign using websites, social media platforms, and blogs to help people remember your name. Create symbolism in your display ads that comes back to your brand name. These cost-effective measures will highlight the value of your business and convey your brand’s message to potential customers.

The symbolism linked to the brand name can have an emotional impact on your customers. It can earn their loyalty as time goes by and they associate good experiences with your brand.

  1. Choosing a Brand Name Requires Time, Effort, and Experience

Perhaps the best reason why a brand name is important is that it’s not easy to choose one. If it was easy, every company would have a memorable brand name. But, the truth is, only a handful of companies in every industry strike the right chord with their brand names.

Naming your business involves considering various aspects of catering to customers. For one, you’d have to consider the cultural and social impact of your brand name. You wouldn’t do yourself favors by choosing a name that sections of society consider to be offensive.

You’d also have to think about the legal implications. The name you pick shouldn’t be too similar to those of competing brands. If so, you risk confusing customers who can’t tell the two brands apart.

Battling all these concerns, if you finally manage to find the right name, it’ll be a true victory. The other businesses may not have the same fortune in choosing their name. As you can imagine, this gives you quite an edge over your competitors.

If it’s memorable enough, your brand name will stick around for a very long time. People will associate all the hits and misses of your company with its name. So, you can see why it’s important to take your time while choosing one.


Understanding the importance of a brand name will put you ahead of your competitors. Do not underestimate the power and influence that brand names can have over companies and their customers. 

Brand names are crucial to the survival of businesses. They may just be the most important aspect of your marketing efforts. Besides, having a catchy name is the best way to make an impression on people. It’s far easier than spending a fortune on research and development for new products.

Also far easier than going all out on an extravagant advertising campaign, wouldn’t you say?