Why Classic Pole Barn Buildings Are New Again

Post frame construction originated in the 1930s when it was used to build farm and agricultural buildings. At that time, Post Frame Buildings were called “pole barns” because poles resembling telephone poles were used to support rafters and sub-framing. But the industry has advanced quite a bit since then. Modern versions of the structures are highly engineered. Because posts are set far apart, interiors are enormous, providing space for any need. Contractors can build various types, including storage and agricultural buildings, barns, garages, and homes.

Construction Is Budget Friendly

Many customers choose a post-frame structure to save money. A foundation can account for 15% of the cost of a stick-frame building, but post-frame structures do not need foundations. As a result, contractors use fewer materials, requiring less labour. The reduced building costs translate to lower overhead costs, so installing post-frame buildings is economical.

Labour costs are also reduced because post-frame structures go up quickly. The final cost of any project depends on factors such as the building’s location, size, and use. For example, it’s far less expensive to construct a storage building than a barndominium, which can include elaborate features.

Buildings Are Strong and Durable

The sturdy posts and heavy-duty roof trusses used to build post-frame structures make them very strong. Steel roofs and siding, common in post-frame buildings, strengthen structures. Post-frame agricultural buildings and garages offer exceptional protection for vehicles, animals, crops, and produce.

Building posts transfer mass and weight efficiently. As a result, post-frame structures have higher wind resistance and sturdier hinge joints than structures built using the conventional stick-frame method. Since post-frame buildings include thick columns that create a rigid foundation, they can resist snow, storms, and hail.

Spaces Are Ideal for Commercial Use

Because columns in post-frame buildings are spaced so far apart, interiors have vast open spaces. That makes them ideal for commercial buildings like warehouses. Contractors can also transform structures into large, multi-vehicle garages or retail storage areas.

Since buildings are exceptionally tough, they will protect inventory. Contents are safe from rain, snow, or even earthquakes. Strong building materials and metal exteriors ensure that buildings can stand the test of time.

Design Options Are Flexible

Post-frame construction has become a trendy choice for new homes. Many people leave their post-frame home’s interior space open for a light, airy look. Although the basic interiors are open, contractors can alter them to suit clients’ tastes and needs.

Owners may add partitions to create rooms or options like a workshop. Barndominiums, residential post-frame buildings, are exceptionally attractive and customizable. Homes are not only good-looking, but they also have the space to add personal areas like a gym or artist’s studio. Changing interiors is also relatively straightforward, making renovations easier than conventional homes.

Post-frame homes are gaining popularity because they are typically more affordable than stick-frame structures. Houses are solid and durable. They are perfect for commercial use since their sturdy construction can protect inventory. Post-frame homes are trending because they are budget-friendly, and contractors can customize them to suit every taste or need.

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