Why is it important to service the air conditioner every year?

For some people, air conditioning is a necessity they only use in the summer, but for many people it’s a year-round necessity if you live in a humid, tropical climate. Despite this, it is important to service the air conditioner at least once a year.

Air conditioner Ac Repair and maintenance in al Barsha and other hot cities becomes very important. Airflow crashes in summer can make your home unbearably hot.

Here are some reasons why you should do annual maintenance.

This will help you to be successful in summer:

Repairing during the spring season is the best way to prepare your air conditioner for the summer season. Since your air conditioner was not used in the spring, its effectiveness may be reduced.

You want your air conditioner to be energy efficient in the summer, so it’s best to check it out in the spring, especially if you live in a warmer part of the world. The air conditioning needs maintenance to deal with all the heat.

Transmission repair costs more than maintenance:

Let’s take a car as an example. Have you ever repaired your car after it broke down so you know exactly how much it costs? Same with AC, it’s one of those machines, if it breaks it can be cheaper to buy a new one.

Almost half of the repairs could be skipped if the air conditioner is serviced every year.

Extend the life of your AC power adapter:

It makes sense that regular inspections of your air conditioner are both precautionary and protective. This helps reduce problems in advance that require costly repairs.

If you skip regular maintenance, small problems also go undetected and can quickly become big and cost you more.

Maintenance helps maintain peak performance:

Annual adjustment is essential to keep your air conditioner productive. Otherwise, its effectiveness decreases by 5% every year. There are many causes that increase the decrease in Ac efficiency, one of which is the accumulation of particles around the coils. In your HVAC system, dirt and dust can enter through the holes as they accumulate in the less efficient heat transfer radiators.

These particles will block the heat and your AC device will not adapt to the cooling.

It has been approved by the following organizations:

EnergyStar, USDE and EPA say annual air conditioning maintenance is important.

The warranty is subject to regular maintenance:

Almost all devices come with a guarantee. Many brands of air conditioners require regular maintenance if you want to benefit from this guarantee. They only say that spare parts will only be supplied if AC has been serviced regularly.

Maintaining air conditioners Ac Repair and maintenance in Mirdif in Dubai or other hot cities is vital as they are used every year.

The program is cool:

Many people make the mistake of doing their maintenance in the summer when planning is difficult due to the time of year. Instead, schedule spring maintenance so the technician is available quickly.

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