EMF services give a thorough evaluation of any property, including residences. If you’re worried about neighboring electrical substations, overhead wires, and so on, you should assess your EMF radiation exposure. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so that we may conduct a survey. On your property, our surveyors detect and quantify electromagnetic radiation.


An EMF survey determines how much EMF radiation you and your family are exposed to. Electricity from wall sockets, overhead lines, high-voltage underground cables, substations, and other sources may produce electromagnetic fields.

EMF services include a property survey, whether you’re purchasing a new house, renting a new place, selling your present home, or staying in your current home. The study will reassure you and prospective purchasers that the house is a safe place to reside.

If we discover any issues, we will work with you to identify the next actions to keep you and your family safe from hazardous radiation exposure.


Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible forces formed anytime electricity is generated or consumed. Today’s technology emits artificial EMFs, including power lines, electric wiring, electric appliances, laptops, mobile phones, and more. There are other natural sources of EMFs, such as the sun and our bodies.

Electromagnetic fields surround any wire that transmits electricity. An EMF field is formed when electric equipment, such as a computer, is plugged in. When your appliance or equipment is switched off, it emits EMFs.

Every day, we are all exposed to EMFs. According to certain studies, EMFs may cause health problems. Is there something to be concerned about? Possibly.


EMF exposure is nothing new since humans are constantly exposed to natural and artificial sources. However, human exposure has risen over the previous century as artificial electromagnetic fields have expanded. As our reliance on power grows, so will our exposure.

Did you realize that our bodies generate electromagnetic fields? It’s true—we generate little electric currents that help the body function properly. Consider the nerves that provide impulses to the brain as an example to help you comprehend. These electrical impulses may transport information to your brain, telling it to eat, move rapidly, or that something hurts. Even our hearts need electric impulses.

The artificial EMF fields to which we are exposed outside of our bodies may alter how our bodies function. In truth, high electrical and magnetic fields may affect our body’s electrical system. Heating is one of the primary impacts of EMF fields. Consider how food heats up inside a microwave. This is caused by EMF radiation inside the microwave. According to research, certain EMF exposure may damage the human body.

Bottom Line

When preparing to sell your house or when purchasing or renting a new property, it is a good idea to employ EMF services. For example, when you purchase or rent a new house, you are ensuring that the property is safe for you and your family. When you sell your house, prospective purchasers will be certain that the property is secure for them as well, which may improve the value of your property.