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Will You Fix The Lack Of Discipline? These 9 Apps Can Help You Concentrate

“I have a problem with self-discipline. I know that if I don’t set a timer on my phone or make a list of tasks I want to complete, I find myself aimlessly scrolling through Facebook.

I know I can’t do this forever, but I’m having trouble getting started.”

You are one of those people whose motivation declines over time and so does your self-control…

Don’t worry – I have a solution

There are apps that solve this. If you’re trying to live a disciplined life, like most of us do every day, you need to get things together before it’s too late.

Fortunately, there are plenty of apps to help you improve. One of the biggest problems with unproductivity or dissatisfaction comes from unfinished work.

You’ve made a “to-do” list, but it’s 9 pm and you still haven’t completed many of them. The work starts piling up and soon you start drowning in it.

If there’s one thing that can get you done, it’s the focus. Yes, hyperfocus is extremely important for task completion. It’s not easy to stay on task, especially when there are distractions all around us.

We all have our distractions and our minds always creep up on them. By removing distractions and creating focus, you can create a disciplined life. The most important thing is that you can get the job done.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best apps to help you stay focused and organized so you can succeed in 2021 and beyond.

Whether you’re struggling to focus at work or need a little help building a focused lifestyle, these 9 best apps are sure to make your life easier and get things done.

1) Journy – Selfcare Day Planner

Journy is a notable examination application that offers coordinated reflections for different purposes, remembering strain for the board, rest, and fixation. The application similarly consolidates a part called “SOS” which is a quick consideration meeting for while you’re feeling particularly fretful or centred. Despite examinations, Headspace moreover offers different informational substances on topics like consideration and sympathy.

Journy App Download Links:

2) Focus – use the Pomodoro technique

Working non-stop can be tiring, right? If you’re not a big fan of constant rest, try the Be Focused app. This bright new app uses the famous and effective Pomodoro Technique to keep you focused.

If you like to work with intermittent breaks, which involve breaking up your day into 25 minutes of focus followed by five-minute breaks, this will help you get the best results.

With the help of the application, you can assign work to a specific hour and at the same time adjust the length of the interval and breaks.

You can customize the timing to your own preferences while tracking your progress and the goals you’ve accomplished throughout the day or week.

3) Toggl – Track your time

Simply put, Toggle is a time-tracking app that tracks how much time you spend on different tasks. It helps to find out where you are making a mistake or where you are wasting most of your time.

The idea behind Toggle is to alert you to your bad habits without constantly pestering you. To also make you spend your time wisely.

Once you start using Toggle, you know where you need to spend the most time to see a better graph or productivity at the end of the day. With Toggle, you will learn how to manage and plan your schedule properly.

In addition to a simple timer tool, Toggle also gives you a detailed report of your time data so you can feel (guilty) about your time. Also, make it easier for you to schedule your time properly to optimize your productivity.

4) Freedom – Manage your distractions

Here comes the distraction again. I don’t think it will ever go away. It is one of the biggest obstacles for people today. Distractions challenge self-discipline, especially when studying/working from home.

Fortunately, cross-platform apps like Freedom have come to your rescue. Now you can choose and assign which distracting apps you want to block for a certain period of time.

For many it might be Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Youtube, you know what’s holding you back.

Before these distractions keep you chained up, you lock them away until your work is done.

When you use Freedom, you won’t be checking your phone as often as you sit and work or study on paper.

While there is a temptation to scroll through Instagram, you won’t be able to access it.

5) Tribute – Get rewarded for not getting distracted

If you also have a habit of constantly checking your phone after you hear an alert, you might want to consider getting the Hold app.

The hold is more than just an app, it’s the biggest asset to capture distractions.

It has created a lot of buzz on the internet due to its great features and unique design.

The main purpose of HOLD is to help your concentration by rewarding you with points for leaving your phone unchecked from 7 am to 11 pm.

You’ll earn amazing points to earn rewards including discounted movie tickets, delicious coffee or free popcorn.

Something you will appreciate by not doing just one task, checking your phone. It allows you to earn points every 20 minutes.

HOLD aims to motivate you so you can focus on your work by removing the distractions of social media and enticing notifications.

6) Headspace – Meditating your way to focus

There are many articles and scientific studies, such as the journal Psychological Science, that suggest that meditation can help you focus.

Headspace helps you focus on the science of peacefulness.

It teaches you various techniques to be more attentive and productive.

Rather than blocking apps or tempting you with rewards, Headspace aims to create change from within.

Once you get the hang of focusing on your task, prioritizing your goals and sticking to them, then achieving focus or concentration will be extremely easy.

Headspace’s effective set of tips and tricks will help you relax and de-stress, leaving you in your best possible frame of mind so you can start working again in a better mood.

7) One big thing – prioritizing one task at a time

One Big Thing is a Canadian app that helps you focus by completing one task at a time.

The app helps you focus by getting one thing done each day, whether it’s writing an essay, submitting critical items, or doing laundry.

Set one big goal for One Big Thing that you want to complete by the end of the day.

Each day you write down a task you want to achieve and if necessary add a smaller checklist and check it off.

8) Brain FM – musical training of your mind

If you’re one of those people who can’t concentrate if there’s even a little noise around you, Brain FM is the right app for you.

If you also need music to help you zone everything out. Either way, Brain FM is a must.

The app is created using the wonders of artificial intelligence (AI) with a group of scientists, and geniuses who create music that is designed to make you more productive.

More focused. You can choose from three modules that the app provides, including focus, relaxation and sleep.

When working, focus, wear headphones and start working.

9) Forest – plant a tree

#1 on our list is the best productivity/focus app trending all over the internet. Got a distraction on your phone? By removing distractions from your life, you will be able to focus on the things that matter.

Forest is a unique app designed to encourage you to put your screen away and focus on the task at hand. It is a very simple application.

Start by planting a seed whenever you’re ready to go, then set a timer. If you continue the quest, your tree will grow. If you don’t continue working and decide to exit the application for any reason, your tree will die.

Poor tree! What was his mistake? If you stick to the task, your tree will grow and you can create a whole “forest”, hence the name of the app.

Plus, the app has teamed up with Trees of the Future to plant real trees, so you’re helping the planet and organizing your life at the same time.