Window Zebra Blinds: Are They Any Good?

Indeed these kinds of questions are only raised when you didn’t have proper awareness of a particular window blind. In short, my answer to this question is definitely, yes.

I know most of you didn’t want such a short answer to this question. You probably want a brief explanation for this, which I’ll provide in a few minutes.

Window blinds have a very classy and devastating factor in them at the same time. Window blinds are specific on many terms and conditions. If the terms and conditions are not aligned with a specific window blind type outcome will be devastating.

Some of the things window blinds are highly specified on are, they are window size oriented, they are place specific. You have to choose accordingly if you want results.

That’s how window zebra blinds are also specific. From my point of view, a person only hates them they are in the wrong window size and also in the wrong place.

Ideal Window Size For Window Zebra Blinds?

Like many big names in the window blinds family, window zebra blinds are also window size-oriented. These window blinds are always going to nail it when they are on standard window size, but they are more mature when they are on tall windows.

That is the reason why they are the top popular and top hottest window blinds in Canada. Canadians have normally tall windows as standard. So, take that as a fact that window zebra blinds are ideal for tall windows.

They do not just look good on tall windows, but right to enhance the entire purpose of the window. Tall windows didn’t just require a covering to cover them in a decorative manner.

Tall windows require a dynamically enhanced window covering that can take off some of the major issues of the interior.  Window zebra blinds are enough for every of your need according to your interior, décor is just normal with window zebra blinds.

Two Looks With Single Covering

Window zebra blinds have the word zebra in them, why? Well, it encompasses their being. Everyone knows about zebras. They have alternate white and black stripes over them.

Window zebra blinds also have alternate stripes but rather than having white and black they have solid and sheer stripes. Solid for blocking the light and sheer as a passthrough for light.

So, here’s the catch. Both the solid and sheer stripes can have colors at the same time. So, when they start working, then there is a color transition.

Window zebra blinds have a single panel that has those alternate solid and sheer stripes over them. That single panel loops around two tubes, one is at the top and one is at the very bottom. This loop tends the single panel to have two layers back and forth.

Because of the loop, the panel starts rolling around the two tubes. Due to this the alternate stripes starts moving vertically. The front layer stripes start overlapping over the backend layer.

You can adjust the overlapping at will with the help of a cord or it can be cordless also. Every time aligning the stripes differently, makes you have a different look. Not every window covering allows you to have such transitions in looks.  

Supreme In Maintaining The Light And Privacy

Aligning the stripes or overlapping them doesn’t only allow you to have transitions in looks but also this is how they manage light and privacy.

The loop allows the front layer stripes to overlap over the backend layer stripes. With that overlapping, you can adjust and position the stripes according to your will.

So, how do they manage the light and privacy? Well, their way is quite unique to almost all window coverings present today.

For light, try aligning the sheer stripes over each other. This will align the solid stripes over solid ones. That’s how sheer stripes are double up to have a higher opacity but there is a passthrough for light. So, that way there is light but minimal privacy is also there.

For ultimate privacy, just do the opposite. Align or overlap solid over sheer stripes. That’s how you block the sheer stripes. Which means you just block the pass-through for the light. That’s how you’ll get ultimate privacy. With blackout fabric, you can have ultimate blackout with that.

Intense Durability

Window zebra blinds are made from a high-end synthetic material. The PES polyester. When there is a pes polyester then there is no such need to be worried about.

This material is not waterproof but also quite fire resistant at some numbers. Due to the fact, that it is synthetic then it is obvious that they are going to be dust resistant also.

These things came into help when you need to clean your window blind. A window blind that is not waterproof one then it is seriously messy when there is a need for cleaning.

Window Zebra Blinds didn’t get dirty easily. But if they, then easily use a damp cloth to wipe away the unpleasant stuff over them, you can even vacuum them, it is also going to be enough.