Zambian Emerald- One Of The Unique Variety Of Emerald

Emeralds are one of the most precious and loved gemstones in the world. These green stones have made everyone crazy with their flawless beauty and healing energies. Although there are many places in the world where these gemstones are found, the emerald, which comes from Zambia, is the ultimate choice of pieces. They are also known as southern Africa’s green treasure, as the most stunning emerald jewelry is made from it, which includes earrings, necklaces, rings and pendants. Moreover, these natural emerald stones are mostly paired with diamonds, as it enhances the glow of the piece.

Known More About Zambia Emerald 

Emerald Gemstone

These highly desirable gemstones have unique colors and other quality-determining properties. These gemstones are priced for their rarity and uniqueness. Moreover, they are the oldest emeralds variety, gaining a lot of popularity since then and even today as well. However, there were many conflicts due to the illegal mining of these gemstones and forced labour. Later it was all conducted with the permission of the Zambian government. You would be glad to learn that the largest emerald was found in Kagem, Zambia, in 2021. It weighs around 7,525 carats. Moreover, most of these emeralds are located in the Ndola Rural area, which is close to the Kafubu River. Other than that, they are also found in Grizzly, Kamakanga, and Chantete concessions. 

Why Should One Wear It?

Wearing Zambian emerald jewelry is one of the best things, as this natural gemstone can bring a lot of good energy into your life. Wearing the ring made of natural Zambian emerald brings extraordinary outcomes for people underneath the effect of mercury. Many astrologers recommend wearing this gemstone for one’s growth, as emerald boosts intelligence, creativity and finance. The wearer would be able to grow in every phase of their life; moreover, they will help their near and dear ones grow as well. It opens the ability to communicate with them with their open heart, as it enriches the self-confidence, allowing the person to express themself in a better way. In addition, it keeps the person from any health issues, making them fit and young. 

Style With The Emerald Gemstone

Style With The Emerald Gemstone

It is only sometimes necessary to wear these gemstones for their astrology benefits; therefore, many prefer wearing them for style. These are the prettiest gemstones, as they can enrich the glamour of every person who wears them. Especially for women, in the form of a necklace or bracelet, as it enlightens their aura. Going for any event, like weddings or engagement ceremonies, these gems will catch everyone’s attention. 

Tips To Keep These Stones Safe

These gemstones, which come under the category of precious stones, usually rate at 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. So, they are strong and hard enough, but it would be great if you keep them away from hard substances and chemicals, like make-up products. Moreover, remember to take off your stones while doing any work related to hard metals or while going to swimming pools.  

Always Buy Certified Stones.

Certified stones will always help you determine the price you are paying for the stone. It will always give you the assurance that you are paying the right price for the stone. Moreover, this is a world full of fake and fraudulent, so it becomes 100% sure to get the certificate and the assurance of what you buy. There are many sellers who are selling glass stones in the name of real stones. It is important to get these gemstones from an authentic seller. Therefore, I suggest you buy the stones from Navratan, the online gem Bazar. It is one of the most authentic sellers, selling the gemstone for 80 years. Check the website, explore the blog and the gemstones and order the best varieties of gemstones. As you get the certificate for the stone you buy, you will become sure of what you are buying and the money you are paying. Have a great time shopping. 

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