Switzerland is home to beautiful natural sights on earth and can be considered a major tourist destination. This country is also the land of magical lakes, high peaks, cheese, chocolates, majestic alps, towering castles and many more highlights.

Switzerland has been a bucket list for a lot of tourists. So, if you’re planning a trip to the Switzerland, here you’ll get to know 10 best tips for your vacation to Switzerland. 

  1. In Switzerland, travelling in trains is the most efficient along with other means of public transport. The trains here are clean, efficient, and a best way to tour the country. You can also rent car, bike or scooter if you prefer to drive and explore the place. Cable cars and funicular railways can be used to reach mountain destinations and buses to reach smaller towns and remote areas. You can also get swiss travel pass that provides unlimited access of Switzerland’s public transport network.
  1. It is perfectly safe to drink tap waters in Switzerland. The tap wasters here are of high quality and hygienic. So you can avoid buying plastic bottled water and save some money.
  1. You can get chocolates, swiss knifes, cheese, cuckoo clocks, cowbells, Heidi books, Swiss watches from Switzerland as souvenirs or as a gift.
  1. Switzerland is a diverse country and has four official languages. The languages spoken here are French, German, Romansh and Italian.
  1. This countrt is very famous for its skiing with incredible experience and top notch views. Grindelwald,  Zermatt, Verbier are some of the best destinations for skiing in Switzerland. 
  1. Switzerland is one of the safest countries in the world and so you need not worry about exploring places during night time.
  1. It is quiet in most of the places during night time. So, you cannot experience a incredible nightlife here except for in the big cities with bars and night clubs.
  1. The adaptor used here in Switzerland of TYPE J. So it is better to get an universal adaptor or you can get a TYPE J adaptor here.
  1. There are various outdoor adventurous activities provided here. Some of them are hiking, cliff walking, paragliding, skiing, biking and more.
  1.  Each season in Switzerland has its own attractions. There is no particular best time to visit Switzerland as it all depends on one’s preference.
  1.  You can buy the swiss chocolates from local chocolatiers rather than high end stores as they taste very good and you can even save some bucks.
  1.  Take enough breaks and keep yourself hydrated while hiking as it is best to take care of the altitude sickness.
  1.  The currency used is Swiss Franc (CHF) and not Euros. You can change money at airports, banks and in few more places.
  1.  You can find a lot of vineyards since Switzerland is known as a wine country.
  1.  Zurich, Geneva, Interlaken, Bern, Lucerne, Matterhorn, Montereaux, Grindelwald,  Zermatt and Gruyeres are some of the must visit places in Switzerland.
  1.  Swiss is very well known for their traditionally rich and flavourful dairy products. So make sure to taste some fresh milk, cheese and chocolate. 
  1.  Switzerland is a small country and it is pretty expensive here. But this place is totally worthy if you have the budget.
  1.  Other specialties to try other than cheese and chocolate are zurcher geschnetzeltes with spatzli, crispy rosti, spicy capuns, birchermuesli
  1. It is common to say hello to each other while hiking in Switzerland. So don’t hesitate to greet people in a friendly way.
  1.  Switzerland is a country that’s very punctual and people her believe in “early to bed and early to rise”. The trains also leave on time and it is advisable to be punctual so that you don’t miss on anything.

These are some of the tips you need to know for your vacation trip to Switzerland. To plan your trip, check the website of Pickyourtrail and choose the packages you prefer. Even better, you can customize your own Switzerland itinerary and have a best trip with you special ones.