The city of Dubai is renowned for its high-end shopping, avant-garde architecture, exciting nightlife, and unending deserts. Without taking part in the spectacular camel ride and dinner under a starry sky famous as the DINNER IN DESERT DUBAI, a visit to Dubai would be insufficient and joyless. Dubai is a beautiful city that has become well-known for many things. However, the stunning desert is what gives the area its notoriety. Additionally, you are losing on the best Dubai experience if you want to travel to Dubai but do not take a desert safari.


You may get up and personal with friendly, welcoming camels and discover more about the meaning of the phrase “ship of the desert” by enjoying a thrilling ride on their hump. Enjoy complimentary refreshments like Arabian Qahwa, Special Tea, Coffee, and an unlimited supply of soft drinks while on a solo tour. Hand henna tattoos are a traditional and beginner’s temporary body art. You may enjoy our vivacious live entertainment acts, which will feature Belly dancing, Tenora dance moves, and fire shows from our incredible hand-picked artists. There are different portions of the meal for vegans and meat eaters.


Despite its small size, Georgia, a country in the south Caucasus, boasts a wide range of climates.

For instance, even though Tbilisi and other nearby towns periodically bake in the sun, the snow in the distant Tusheti region could still be frozen. Since mountain passes and routes are only guaranteed to be available during the summer, this is the most critical period to go climbing or trekking in Georgia. Additionally, this is the ideal time to visit Batumi’s coastal region. If you want to travel in the spring, it’s crucial to remember that travel demand is frequently most significant during the few weeks immediately after Easter.

There are many things to do in Georgia when visiting, like driving about or enjoying some delicious cuisines. Every type of tourist may find something to interest them in the country. History aficionados can visit Uplistsikhe, Gergeti Trinity Church, Narikala Fortress, and other places. Climbing, horse riding, skydiving, excavating, rafting, and hunting are all considered adventure sports. Additionally, you may enjoy the exquisite culinary delights of Georgian cuisine and explore Tbilisi’s nightlife.


Georgia will likely be reached by plane, barring travel by land via Russia, Turkey, Armenia, or Azerbaijan. You may fly to any of the three major airports in Batumi, Kutaisi, or Tbilisi. If you pick Georgia, everyone will desire to come along with you. Explore many civilizations and stunning natural landscapes, including deserts and tall mountains.