Camping In Jaisalmer 2023: Enjoy Your Stay In Desert


A suburb in Rajasthan, the heart of the desert. Jaisalmer conjures up a glittering image of pure alchemists and the ultimate glow of soft sandy beaches. One of the main attractions of the Jaisalmer region is undoubtedly the Thar Desert and this suburb does not see it. 

 There are four places in the desert today. The desert has both major cities and luxury desert camps. The late night cultural program with folk music is enchanting. Listed below are places to try camping in Jaisalmer

When is the best time to camp in Jaisalmer? 

 One of the largest desert ecosystems in the world is home to Jaisalmer, the “Golden City” of Haryana. Camping in Jaisalmer is something you might want to try if the weather is mostly dry and hot in summer as it is a desert country. 

Hot months season 

 Campers in Jaisalmer should be avoided in summer. Rajasthan should be avoided whenever the solar energy is unbearably depleted due to extreme seasons. During the warmer months, the average global temperature in Jaisalmer remains at 9 degrees. 

Winter Summer 

 Winter is the best time to stay in high quality tents in Jaisalmer, when summer is already over and it starts blowing. The winter season offers much relief from the oppressive humidity and harsh sun rays. visit Himachal in November-March. All people can agree that spending a nice cold night under is indeed an experience. 

 The first Rajputana Desert Camp 

This is a premium outdoor experience in Jaisalmer. The campsite is relatively close to Sam Dunes (200m), so they also offer dromedary browsing directly from the tents. 

 They have a total of thirty-five camping sites, a stage where they offer only full-fledged dancers and music artists to perform for guests. They also offer mountain biking and windsurfing tours for a fee. 

Serai Camp 

 De voir que Jaisalmer offers the ultimate leisure treat for trekkers if you have cash to burn. If the idea of ​​staying in a tent doesn’t sound like luxury to you, you’re in for a big shock when you visit La Serai. Consisting of 21 large tents built on Jaipur stone foundations, Serai is rooted in 30 acres of desert scrub in the Great Desert. Thus, each tent is over a thousand square feet in size and includes a luxurious bathroom, a large guest room, and enclosed seating areas. 

 If you choose one of the luxury tents, you also get your own beautiful garden with a sunken pool. This Royalty is a stunning spa, swimming terrace, well maintained, 

Wilderness Camp in Damodaras 

 New and offers a small-scale luxury outdoor experience at Source Desert Camp in Jaisalmer. There are only ten Swiss tents. It debuted in 2011. It is significantly quieter than other camps in the neighborhood. 

 Most of the workers are from nearby villages and the environment is decorated with antiques to give it a typical village feel. This elegant camp uses only circus and Rajasthani dance to folk songs to entertain guests, refusing to use DJs or loud music. 

 Private dunes away from the busy neighborhood are where camel tours are organizable. Watching the night sky from the roof terrace of this exciting place is an incredible experience. 

 Public toilets and tents are both clean.

  There are almost 30 tents available for camping at Prince Camp in Jaisalmer. Some of the largest luxury campgrounds are located near Sam Dunes. Suite tents have a comfortable interior and better toilets than standard tents. 

 There is no noise because it is far enough from the camp complex on the main road that it turns out to be an important part. 

 The fact that there is sand outside the camp adds to the authentic atmosphere. Early morning is the best time to walk among the dunes. The tents have hot showers and the food is delicious. The camp is competently organizes and has friendly staff.

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