10 Unexpected Difficulties to Consider Before Booking a Desert Safari Dubai

Taking a desert safari in Dubai is an iconic experience that should be on everyone’s travel bucket list. But, like any great adventure, there are some unexpected difficulties that you may need to prepare yourself for. In this article, we will look at 10 of the most difficult parts of a desert safari in Dubai, so you can make sure you’re ready for an unforgettable journey!

1. Weather Conditions:

The weather in Desert Safari Park Dubai can be unpredictable and extreme. Always remember that the hot sunshine during the day and chilly winds in the evening can make for an uncomfortable experience if you aren’t prepared with the right clothing and supplies. However, for the preparation, you should wear lightweight and comfortable clothing with full-sleeve coverage. In this way, you’ll be able to enjoy your safari under different climatic conditions.

2. Dust Storms:

It’s not uncommon to encounter dust storms while on your safari. This can drastically reduce visibility and make finding your way back to camp difficult. It’s important to keep an eye out for dust storms so you can quickly find shelter if one arises. I recommend you use glasses, and a face mask to protect your eyes, mouth, and nose from dust.

3. Insects & Animals:

Insects and animals are often encountered when taking a desert safari, including snakes, spiders, scorpions, and more. While these creatures pose no real danger as long as you don’t interfere with them, they can startle or surprise visitors who aren’t expecting them. Other than this, the next thing you have to do is always follow the rules and listen to your guide to avoid any unexpected situations during the safari.

4. Navigation Difficulties:

Navigating through the sandy dunes of a desert can be confusing and disorienting. If you don’t have GPS or know how to read maps, it may be difficult to find your way around without getting lost or turning around too many times. If you don’t have all these things, you should always follow the guide and your group members to reach the destination easily.

5. Vehicle Issues:

If you’re taking a guided tour, then chances are you will be traveling by jeep or another off-road vehicle. But these vehicles require specialized maintenance that may not always be available in remote locations such as deserts. This could lead to breakdowns and delays during your trip if something goes wrong with the vehicle itself. So, we recommend you check all the vehicle conditions before selecting the desert safari Dubai tour company.

6. Lack of Amenities & Services: 

Desert safaris can often be far away from the nearest town or city. This means that you won’t have easy access to amenities or services such as gas, food, and medical care in case of an emergency. So, it is important to carry all the necessary supplies, such as water, food, and first-aid kits, with you while on the safari. However, some safari tours provide all the required amenities to their customers. So, it is best for you to hire these tour operators.

7. Accessibility Challenges: 

The desert terrain can be tough to traverse, with steep dunes and rugged surfaces. This means that it might not always be possible for people with limited mobility or special needs to participate in a desert safari. Even if you are physically fit enough to take part, it is important to take extra care and be mindful of any terrain-specific injuries that may occur.

8. Limited Visibility At Night:

Nighttime visibility is limited due to darkness. This means that navigating through sand dunes and finding one’s way back after dark can become much more difficult than during daylight hours. So it is important that those taking part in nighttime expeditions take extra care when planning their route home. However, some safari tours provide night vision goggles to help enhance visibility during nighttime activities.

9. Extreme Heat & Sun Exposure:

The extreme heat in Dubai’s deserts can cause serious sunburns even with adequate sunscreen. So it’s essential that visitors wear protective clothing such as hats, sunglasses, and loose-fitting clothing while out exploring during peak hours of sunlight.

10. Unfamiliarity with the Terrain: 

Deserts are vast and unfamiliar to many people, so it can be not easy to orient oneself. Additionally, the terrain is extremely varied and ever-changing due to the wind, so it can be not easy to navigate and stay on track. To mitigate this challenge, it is important always to follow your guide and stay in the group.

That’s why people visiting from other countries may not be familiar with the terrain they’re exploring. Therefore, they should take extra precautions, such as hiring local guides knowledgeable about the area, researching safety tips online before embarking on their journey, etc.


Desert safaris offer an exhilarating experience for all types of adventurers. But some unexpected difficulties come along with them too. Now that we’ve looked at 10 potential difficulties associated with these adventures, hopefully, you feel better prepared for your desert safari in Dubai.