5 Benefits of handwriting for brain health that are often not realized

Writing by some people is considered a boring activity. So few people have this one hobby. Even now, there is a handwritten letters service ready to help. Many of them consider writing a difficult thing, because not everyone is able to express their feelings through writing. Even though not many know writing turns out to bring many benefits to the brain, you know. Here are 5 benefits of handwriting for brain health that you should know. Come on!

1. Can Improve Memory

Do you often write activities or long lists in a note so you don’t forget quickly? It turns out that the lack of memory is caused by the brain that rarely thinks so that the brain becomes less trained.

Therefore, writing and thinking make the brain’s performance more active and able to increase sharpness in thinking. With an actively working brain, it makes memory stronger and doesn’t go senile.

2. Balancing Left Brain and Right Brain

Many people think that writing is difficult because the brain has to imagine, so it is difficult to express what they are thinking. Actually writing is easy, by writing you will certainly have imagination which will make the brain think faster than before. So that between the left brain and right brain can be balanced.

3. Writing can make the soul calmer

The next benefit is to make our souls feel calm. When you’re sad, your mind is stuffy, and you’re feeling down, there’s nothing wrong with expressing what you feel through writing.

It’s certainly better than you barbaring on social media. Besides being able to make your soul calmer, you can also learn to better control your emotions.

4. Writing by Hand can Improve Learning Ability

Nowadays, people prefer to take notes and write something via cellphone or laptop because it is easier and faster. But just so you know, writing by hand can make us remember more in lessons you know.

A study revealed the fact that students who often took notes by hand would understand a lesson faster, compared to those who took notes via smartphones or laptops.

5. Increase Creativity

The fifth benefit of handwriting for the brain is that it can increase creativity. If you are used to writing, your brain will get used to thinking so that it can increase creativity. By writing automatically your language will be good so it will be easy to find ideas or ideas that match your own version of thinking.

That’s 5 benefits of writing by hand for the brain. Come on, from now on, improve the quality and power of your brain by writing. You can also choose a handwritten letters service to help you write faster according to your needs.