5 Important Facts You Need to Know about Candles

It is a fact that the demand for candles is increasing with time however the main reason behind this demand is not the old one because electricity has omitted the need for candles. Now, people use candles for decoration purposes and their parties are incomplete without scented candles. There is a huge variety of candles that are imported from other countries to meet the demand.

Most psychiatrists believe that sitting in an environment surrounded by candles can make a person feel better. In this blog, we have discussed some important facts about candles. Let’s explore the details:

Freezing a Candle doesn’t make it Last Longer

We usually think that freezing a candle can make it last longer but this is not true because it can even affect the quality of candles badly. The wax cracks when you freeze a candle and ultimately, it damages the candle. So, if you need to order candles in bulk, do not ask about the temperature of the delivery vehicle because that does not matter.

However, an extremely hot temperature is somehow not good for the delivery of candles because wax can be melted. When you get the candles, do not put them in the fridge rather it will be better to keep them at room temperature.

Poland is the Biggest Candle Producer

Do you know that Poland is the biggest candle producer? It produces around 38% of candles in the EU. Germany is the second highest in producing candles whereas Italy comes on third. This raking reveals that if you need to import candles, Poland can prove the right choice. Candle making supply matters a lot in the overall production of candles because a variety of waxes are now available in the market.

Quality Candles do not Produce Smoke

When we talk about the quality of candles, they should not produce smoke when you keep them on. The extra-long wick usually causes smoke and you should trim it to 6mm only. However, avoid trimming the wick when the flame is on. Poor quality wax can prove harmful so whenever you buy candles, make sure that it is made of bees, coconut, or soy wax. Paraffin is not healthy and you should avoid candles based on it.

Scented Candles have a High Demand

You might be aware of the fact that scented candles have a high demand in the market because people like to decorate their places with these candles. A wonderful fragrance circulates everywhere in the room due to a scented candle and it can even make the mood better. Theme parties of birthdays and bridal showers are incomplete without these candles and so, the demand is rising.

Prices are Increasing

When we talk about the high demand for candles, it means that the price is also increasing because price and demand have a direct relation. Worldwide inflation has also caused a rise in the prices of luxury products and scented candles are also considered one of them.