5 Intelligent Activities For Improved Work Performance

Emotional intelligence is not accidental. It’s innate and natural. Yet, with hard work and a focused approach one can definitely work to improve that. And there are just numerous ways to do so. Recent years have seen a steady increase in the number of people trying to improve their emotional intelligence. Studies have shown that people with higher emotional intelligence are able to showcase better leadership qualities, adaptability, showcasing networking skills, and even customer service. Together, it shows quick success and growth of an individual at the workplace.

Even more so, multinational companies have incorporated carefully designed programs to augment emotional stability. Such is the case in Dubai. These include emotionally intelligent games, activities and even winter Camps for a time out and learning in a natural environment. Therefore, with the inculcation of an emotionally strong workforce, businesses are able to achieve their objectives and goals smartly.

For that, we have carefully designed a list of emotionally intelligent games to help towards productivity.

1.  Thumballs

This creative and the super engaging EQ activity serves as the perfect ice breaker for the training sessions. While most people already have the tone and style to interact quickly with new people, some don’t. And this is an effective activity to break the communication barriers. Simply toss and share your reaction based on the prompt lying under your thumb for fun and intuitive topics that create a stress-free environment optimized for training.

The ‘Be A Leader’ Thumball is particularly helpful for starters. It starts off with a conversation, consisting of several questions. They are able to guide reflection about opportunities for growth and leadership strengths. With the aid of questions related to time management, feedback loop, and listening to the critics helps develop a stronger level of emotions. The conversation turns out to be quite enlightening and sets the ground for a productive talk that can benefit all employees.

2.  Choose Happiness At Work

‘Choosing Happiness at Work’ is another activity that helps break the icy environment in the room or at the start of any meeting. This emotionally intelligent activity comprises a set of cards that carry a certain issue or a scenario worth discussing. Contrastingly, another set of cards carries a number of viable solutions to these problems. All of these problems and solutions fall under the categories of positivity, goals, stress, and relationships resolved by pleasure place adventure park.

Based on all the scenarios, this activity encourages the participants to think of positive, productive, and intentional solutions to tackle common workplace issues. In all, it is able to promote an empathetic workplace culture informed by an understanding of EQ.

3.  Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment

This self-assessment is designed for manager-level employees. With a scale of four crucial roles, this activity assesses the emotional intelligence of the employees. It mainly includes perceiving, managing, achieving and influencing. Since this assessment allows the individuals to look into their own behaviors, it develops a deeper understanding level. It also sheds light at all stages of their career. This self-awareness also equips the managers to manage their team, extend empathy and even play according to the emotional strength of their employees.

4.  Team Emotional And Social Intelligence

Team Emotional and Social Intelligence (TESI) is a combination of tools that takes into account seven dimensions to understand the team’s overall emotional effectiveness. Motivation, Emotional Awareness, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Stress Tolerance, and Positive Mood are prerequisites for high performance. In doing so, every member of the team is able to look into their individual strengths and areas of improvement. This activity begins at empowering the individuals of the team and shows collaborative teamwork as a whole.

5.  Relationship Management Activity

This activity is based on a worksheet and proves to be an effective way of building your core EQ competencies and relationship skills. The worksheet begins with writing the names of the three most important people in life and writing their two traits, features, habits, or any favorite zipline adventure parks in Dubai for that matter. There are often many times when someone is not able to figure out any point about these close relationships. This sights out a signal where one may want to pay more attention to those around and learn more about them. Therefore, it proves to be an effective starting point and helps develop and maintain caring and positive relationships.

In all, keep in mind that everyone has their own unique starting point and their own pace for learning, and make sure not to put too much pressure on anyone to “get it” right away—even yourself!