Tips Cut Down Your Car Repair Expenses Smartly

It is the wish of every car owner to keep their car in good condition for a long time. Honestly, it is not a difficult task if you keep up with the maintenance of your car. You must be thinking that car maintenance is going to cost you a lot. But you are wrong.

If you are also the one who is struggling to manage car repair costs, then this article is definitely for you. Especially if you are living in Dubai, then it is not a cup of tea to bear all the car expenses easily because tyre change shop in Dubai is expensive. Here are a few cars maintenance tips that can help you a lot to avoid or delay the big fix.

Routine Checkups

If you really want to increase the performance of your vehicles, then regular checkups play a very significant role. Isn’t it good to know about the issues at the initial level? For sure, it is. The overall expense will be much more reasonable.

Always Check Your Spare Tire.

Having a spare tire in your car doesn’t mean that you don’t have to worry about anything now. You have to be sure that the extra tire is useful. How many times do you check the air pressure of your spare tire? Besides, did you ever check that it won’t be a mismatch when you install it? So, if you haven’t done this in a while, then there are chances that your money will be wasted.

Check The Car’s Oil

Well, the engine and oil are like the heart and blood of your car. For lubrication, oil plays a crucial role. Oil problems are going to cost you the most if you don’t pay attention in time. It affects the car’s functions. You can easily find the manuals to change the car’s oil easily. Another way to check the oil condition is with the help of the dipstick. If the dipstick comes out dirty, then you need to change your car’s oil.

Check The Suspension System

The suspension system of your car includes shocks, springs, and struts. One should never take them for granted. Unfortunately, most of us don’t think about them until they are damaged. Even if one shock is not working properly, it is better to replace them all.

Always Change The Spark Plugs And Wires.

If you think that your engine is not working properly then one of the main reasons can be spark plugs. Instead of changing the whole engine, it is better to buy cheap wires and spark plugs to save you money. However, it is advised to get your spark plugs changed after 30,000 miles.

Don’t Forget The Fuel Filter

When the fuel is processed through the filter, then often small and unwanted contaminants are present in the fuel. They just block the filter after a certain period of time. However, every car is different from others. So, all you need to do is just do some research and then change the filter accordingly.

Brake Pads Are Important.

Its brake pads and rotors help to stop the tire of your car instantly. Due to intense friction, they get worn out. Therefore, it is very important to check them more often. However, if you hit the brake and detect bad odors, then it’s time to get them changed instantly.

Wash Your Car

If you want to increase your vehicle life, then you must keep it clean. This may sound strange, but it is true. Hazards like water and mud can damage the paint of your car. Therefore, you need to find out the right ways to car oil change services, and you need to do it regularly.

Change Windshield Wipers

During heavy rain or windstorms, windshield wipers play a significant role. If you notice that your wipers are not working in the way they used to, then just don’t wait for long. If you learn to change them on your own, then you can easily save some bucks. Especially if you are living in a country like Dubai, then you need to learn such things because car service in Dubai is quite expensive.


These are the few maintenance tips that you need to learn and know if you want to keep your cars safe for a long. Besides, if you follow these tips, then you can easily save money. You don’t have to run to mechanics for every little problem. Save your time and money by following the above-mentioned tips.