5 Top Fruits to Help Weight Loss

Eliminating sweets and sugary food items are the most difficult task that people face when trying to shed Weight Loss. 

It is difficult to stop visiting the aisles of the grocery store with desserts and say no to friends and on the day when you’re feeling down you are reminded of a coworker’s birthday in the office. 

Of course, it is even more difficult during the holidays, particularly Holi or Diwali. The body requires its sugar in the form of fructose and not sucrose, which can be present inside processed sugar. 

Therefore, if you want to indulge in something sweet, opt for natural desserts made of fruits. 

Fruits are a great source of nutrition and don’t increase the sugar levels in your body. Discuss with your personal nutritionist at FitFAST to discover the appropriate type and quantity of fruits you need to maintain your weight.

The Top 5 Fruits to Lose Weight


The fruit is full of fiber and has a low amount of calories, making it among the top fruits for losing weight. It aids in digestion and helps keep you full for longer.  Cenforce 100 mg and Vidalista 20 are the best for increasing blood flow in men’s health.

Experts recommend eating apples without their skins on for the best results. A bite of an apple first thing you do in the morning, will not only boost your metabolism but also give you the energy that you need to begin your day and also. It is also possible to slice it up and serve it with nuts and Greek yogurt for snacks. Include it in your yogurt to make a nutritious dinner.


If you are looking to shed weight take whole oranges rather than drinking juice. Oranges are loaded with Vitamin C improve the immune system’s functions, aid the body produce collagen and boost the intake of iron. 

Oranges contain more than 90% of Vitamin C required by your body throughout the day. A freshly cut orange is the most effective method to shed pounds. Eat chicken breasts or fish to meet your daily protein requirements.


Berries offer a good amount of energy but don’t have overly many calories. Half a cup of Blueberries can, for instance, is packed with Vitamin C, Manganese, as well as Vitamin K and only 40 calories. 

A cup of strawberries has less than 50 calories. They also provide the highest amount of Vitamin C than your body needs in a single day and also 30 percent manganese. They fill you up and lessen your desire for other sweets while decreasing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 

They also reduce inflammation and aid in losing weight. Eat them as is as well as add them in your milk.


Kiwis are among the most potent source of Vitamin C as well as E together with folate and fiber. They are high in nutrients making them extremely nutritious. 

It is possible to lose weight by eating 2 kiwifruits a day in just 3 months. They also help lower blood pressure, which is a major factor in the onset of heart issues. 

Research has shown that kiwifruit boosts digestive health, assists in controlling blood sugar levels, and lowers cholesterol levels. These all assist in maintaining a healthy weight.


One of the most appealing aspects of summer is melons. They are very high in water content and also low in calories, making them ideal recipe for losing weight. Melons such as honeydew, watermelon, and so on. 

contain potassium, fiber as well as antioxidants, vitamin c as well as other minerals. Drinking water-rich fruit can help you shed weight. However, they are high in glycemic value, which means you shouldn’t eat them too often. Visit Here