5 Ways to Improve Your Skin This Fall

The weather that the fall season brings with it is often unpredictable and powerful. The seasonal fall weather change can be a nice shift that many look forward to, but the changes that fall brings can often dramatically impact and potentially damage your skin. Drastic weather changes, whether cold or hot, can inflame your skin, causing existing skin conditions even more damage and leading to new ones. Although the season might start with warmer, enjoyable temperatures, it is not long until the colder temperatures begin. This colder weather outside in the fall season drains moisture, not just from the air but also from your skin. This drawing out of moisture from the air and your skin is exacerbated even further by central indoor heating systems, something many use during the fall months due to the colder temperatures.

This fall, take action and protect your skin with a few new steps to improve it. You can do so and help improve and protect your skin this fall in several ways. Specifically, this includes using an ultrasonic humidifier cool mist, ensuring that you hydrate your skin, always wearing moisturizer, continuing to use sunscreen with a high SPF every day, and avoiding hot water, especially for extended periods. 

  1. Consider Getting a Humidifier

Since low humidity levels break down your skin’s natural moisture barrier, leading to flaking, cracking, or peeling, you can improve your home’s hydration by putting your moisturizer into the air with an ultrasonic humidifier cool mist. The ultrasonic humidifier cool mist can help to remedy the dryness that the fall weather often causes to many people’s skin. It will help to bring moisture into the air and, therefore, help to improve your skin’s dryness and flakiness from the cold weather shift. For the most effective outcome, use the ultrasonic humidifier cool mist simultaneously when you turn on the heat inside your house.

2. Hydrate Your Skin

It is essential always to stay hydrated, and you can ensure you are doing so in various ways. The most effective way to do so is to ensure that you coat your skin with products that can help moisturize it during the fall season daily. You should try to use hydrating skincare products during the fall months, as the air gets colder as the season progresses, especially if you notice that your skin happens to dry out quickly. 

3. Always Wear Moisturizer 

Moisturize your skin daily, preferably using one that is thicker. Opting for one with a heavy cream produced from ceramides provides critical and healthy fatty acids that already come about naturally in the skin but require replenishment during months with cold temperatures, including during the fall season, as it brings with it colder weather. 

4. Use a High-SPF Sunscreen Daily

You should always wear sunscreen to protect yourself and your skin, no matter what time of year it is. Although the summertime indeed is when the UV radiation is at its most significant risk, it still exists regardless throughout all of the four seasons, including fall. Therefore, you should continue to wear sunscreen into the fall months, as it will help to protect you from any incoming UV radiation, which can speed up and even increase the risk of developing skin cancer. So, it is vital to use sunscreen daily, including during fall. The general recommendation is to wear sunscreen with, at the very minimum, 30 SPF.

5. Avoid Hot Water Temperatures

Staying away from hot water temperatures is crucial, and this is especially true during the fall season. The hotter the temperature of the water you are in, the more your skin is likely to become dried out. Specifically, this is because hot water provokes skin inflammation and interferes with the natural production of oils. To stop this and keep your skin safe, take action and avoid hot water. It is important to shower and bathe with colder weather temperatures during the colder months, such as fall, instead of hotter water temperatures.


There are several ways to help protect your skin from the effect that the cold weather conditions often bring with it during the months of the fall season as the weather temperature gets older and your skin becomes dried out and inflamed by the drastic seasonal change. Some of the ways you can improve your skin during this period that we have discussed here include considering getting the ultrasonic humidifier cool mist, always remaining hydrated, and using skincare products that moisturize. Also, other steps involve continuing to wear at least 30 SPF sunscreen daily and avoiding hot water temperatures when showering and bathing as best as you can. If you follow all of these, for the most part, easy and simple steps, you can significantly help to improve your skin during the fall months.