Top Indoor Activities to Keep Your Kids Entertained in Calgary This Winter

Keeping kids active and entertained during the long, cold winter days is challenging for most parents. After school activities and daycares are closed for weeks on end, making it difficult to find indoor activities for your kids. Thankfully, several great indoor attractions in Calgary will keep your kids happy, healthy and entertained all winter long. These are the top indoor activities to keep your kids busy this winter in Calgary. Each location is accessible by public transportation or a short drive from any of the city’s east side communities.

Jumping Pillows

If you’re looking for indoor activities during the winter, you can’t go wrong with one of Calgary’s many indoor trampoline parks. Jumping on a trampoline is a great way to get kids active, improve their strength and coordination, and help them shed the winter blahs. Trampoline parks offer a variety of different types of activities to suit kids of all ages. This includes wall-to-wall, slam-dunk, dodgeball, basketball, and even a mini-trampoline area for toddlers. Most trampoline parks also host special events and activities throughout the year with themes like Halloween, Christmas, and others. There are many exciting Calgary indoor activities.

These events give kids a great indoor activity and allow them to meet other kids in their community. Parents will also appreciate that indoor trampoline parks offer a safe and supervised environment for kids to play.

Toddler Time at the Calgary Zoo

If your kids are 2-4 years old, you can take advantage of Calgary’s amazing Toddler Time events at the Calgary Zoo. Toddler Time allows parents to explore and visit the zoo with their little ones while they’re still too young to walk alone. This is a great way to introduce your kids to the world of animals while they’re young, and it’s a fun indoor activity during the winter months when you can’t get outside. The Calgary Zoo hosts Toddler Time events every day during the winter except for Mondays. During these events, the zoo is open to toddlers and their parents/guardians. This allows parents to explore the zoo at their own pace with their kids.

Discovery Centre

If your kids are 2-4, you can also take advantage of the Discovery Centre’s Toddler Time events. The Discovery Centre is the world’s largest indoor discovery playground. This massive indoor playground offers 3,000 square feet of climbing, sliding, and exploring. The Discovery Centre is open to kids of all ages, making it great for families with children of all ages. During the winter, the Discovery Centre hosts Toddler Time events daily. Toddler Time is the same as the Discovery Centre’s regular Discovery Time event, except it’s open to toddlers only.

Mini Golf

Mini golf is a great indoor activity for kids of all ages. It offers a creative and artistic twist on the traditional game of golf. With mini golf, there are no clubs or golf balls required. Instead, mini golf offers indoor play areas where kids can use their creativity to design their golf courses. Mini golf is a great way for your kids to get some exercise, meet other kids in their neighborhood, and have fun at the same time. Most mini golf facilities in Calgary offer special deals during the winter months, making them a great indoor activity for families on a budget.

Kid-friendly Museums

Calgary has several great kid-friendly museums that are open year-round. These museums offer indoor activities for kids of all ages and are a great way for families to visit and explore their city. One of the best kid-friendly museums in Calgary is the Glenbow Museum. The Glenbow Museum hosts several special exhibitions throughout the year. Kids will also love exploring the museum’s permanent exhibitions. Another great kid-friendly museum in Calgary is the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre. The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre allows kids to explore Alberta’s ancient past. Kids can inspect real dinosaur bones and learn more about the fascinating world of paleontology.

Indoor Swimming for Kids and Adults

Indoor swimming is a great way for kids (and adults) to stay active and healthy during winter. Swimming is a low-impact activity that’s great for your health and for your bones and joints. It’s also a good way to help shed those winter blues by exercising your body and releasing endorphins. There are several indoor swimming facilities in Calgary. These facilities offer everything from casual swimming lessons and programs for kids, to lap swimming for adults. Several indoor public pools in Calgary are open year-round. These pools are heated, allowing them to stay open even during the year’s coldest months.

Calgary Science Centre: An Additional Activities Option

If you’re looking for a great indoor activity for kids, you can’t go wrong with a visit to the Calgary Science Centre. The Calgary Science Centre offers a wide variety of hands-on exhibits, activities, and events that will delight kids and adults alike. Kids will love exploring the Centre’s exhibits while adults can appreciate the Centre’s unique approach to science and learning. The Calgary Science Centre hosts special events and activities throughout the year. These include things like Friday night family activities and activities for kids on holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. The Calgary Science Centre is open year-round and has a daily schedule of activities and events, making it a great indoor activity for kids of all ages and interests.


Kids love to be outside, but sometimes weather conditions make it difficult for them to play. These indoor activities, you can keep your kids busy and active all winter. Some are even appropriate for adults, making them even better options for busy days when you need something to do.