7 Reasons Why i5 10th Gen Is Drawing Gamer’s Attention

The i5 10th Gen is a great processor suitable for gaming. Due to its high clock speed and four additional cores, it is emerging as an ideal choice for gamers. It facilitates faster speed due to continuous RAM support.

The i5 10th generation provides features that smooth your gaming experiences, such as a 12 MB smart cache, 6 additional cores, 12 threads, a 4.50GHz turbo frequency, and much more.

Thermal Velocity Boost:

Thermal Velocity Boost(TVB) is a technology that allows the unlocking of extra CPU performance. With this, gamers can get up to a speed of 5.3GHz, which allows them to get more performance.

With a supporting CPU, thermal velocity can push the core to its fastest speed. The i5 10th gen results in the smoother functioning of heavy-trunk games that need faster load times.

Quick Video Sync:

Quick video sync is facilitated with dedicated media processing capabilities that enable faster processing. It allows for increasing the system’s responsiveness. For gamers, the feature allows them to eliminate input lag as well as screen tearing simultaneously.

Fast sync also reduces latency. Latency refers to response delays in gaming. Low latency is ideal for smoother gameplay.

Ethernet Connection:

Ethernet refers to traditional technology that facilitates the connection of devices. It enables devices to communicate with each other with the help of a protocol that refers to a set of common network languages. For gaming, an ethernet connection is considered suitable for the below-mentioned reasons:

  • Reduces Latency: It gets connected directly to your gaming device which reduces latency and offers a pleasurable gaming experience.
  • Faster: Yeah! A cable connection is faster than WiFi. With an Ethernet connection, you can reduce the download times of games. The faster you can download the game more easily you can play.
  • Stable: An ethernet connection allows you to prioritize your device and offer top speed. It can offer stable connections up to 100 feet in distance.
  • Security considerations: Ethernet needs a physical connection between the device and the router. It gives no room to hack a cable. You can also disable it and connect the cable for more security.

Supports DDR4 Memory:

DDR4 memory enables high transfer rates and lower voltages, which overall leads to low power consumption. It cuts voltage by about 40%, which boosts performance simultaneously. With optimum memory, you can enjoy smooth gameplay, immersive realism, multitasking, and high productivity simultaneously.

Optane Technology Support:

Optane technology refers to system acceleration solutions that usually get installed between processors and storage devices such as SSDs, SSHDs, and much more. This allows gamers to play modern titles up to five times in comparison to their hard drive. Simultaneously, you experience minimal load times in high-voltage videos.


Hyperthreading refers to a process in which the CPU divides its physical cores. For streaming your gameplay, these cores can be highly beneficial. This offers gamers the opportunity to run and upload videos faster.

Modern games need multiple specs, such as effective RAM, GPU(Graphics Processing Unit), peripherals, connective ports, and so on. To fulfill the demand, it becomes important for gamers to select a game that suits these features. With the i5 10th Gen, you can cater to multiple gaming needs that offer you the ultimate pleasurable gameplay experience.

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