7 Tips For Employers To Attract Talent At A Virtual Job Fair

Amid colossal changes that the Pandemic brought with it, one major change is how hiring and interview processes got altered. For a fresher stepping into the world of the job market now, work is vastly in contrast with how it was in 2019. More so, employers have had to adapt to this change with new strategies. In-person interviews took a back seat and application processes in the new normal include video call interviews, voice calls, zoom meetings, and online setups as well. Is it possible to organize a job fair or exhibition online? The answer is yes. Virtual Job Fairs are the key. Till 2019, virtual job fairs were a provision but since then, they have become a necessity.  Hiring managers and recruiters are on a spree with questions at the virtual job fair platforms.

Employers are keen to engage and spot top talent in a pandemic-riddled world. Similarly, job seekers are just as involved and driven to find their next career avenues. There are many givers and seekers of opportunity, now bound by gadgets and screens. Since in-person interaction has been the norm, for the most part, virtual event platforms come with their fair share of what? Where? Why and How? For job seekers, queries are never-ending.

However, a virtual trade platform can also help you foster and harbor connection at all times! Nearly 50% of employers hired only virtually in 2020, according to Indeed Survey. Out of the 50%, 30% of employers believed that virtual hiring gave them wider access to talent.

How do employers ensure that they can achieve the most out of their virtual job fair?

Here are 7 tips for employers to attract talent at a virtual job fair:

1. Employers should build trust

Employers have an ardent responsibility to engross job seekers and provide them with a secure platform and support. The virtual world is filled with options and instant gratification. For recruiters, it is important to work long-term by earning the trust and grabbing the eyeballs of participants. Participants need a formal yet friendly platform to showcase their skills in the virtual job setup.

2. Gamification is the way

The virtual world is a place of falling attention spans. Engaging content and opportunities bring a target audience. In the case of virtual job fairs, presentation matters. Hence, virtual job fairs are resorting to gamification.

Gamification presents a reward system for job seekers. They engage for rewards like badges, points, and little tasks which have an end goal. Such activities make job fairs fun and bring out the creative side of job seekers as they find ways to sustain themselves in the competition in a rather positive way. Employers, who use this tactic, leave a good impact on participants. Employers can use gamification for ice-breaking sessions. They can start a task on the leader board for instance that requires participants to speak with one of the recruiters. Recruiters can keep score of who approaches them and participants can earn rewards for speaking with recruiters in the virtual realm.

3. Virtual booths are a reality

They are perfect solutions for socially distant programs or events. Virtual booths refer to photo booths based on the web. They run in the browser and participants can be a part of them by using their own devices from anywhere in the world. Virtual booths are especially effective when it comes to job exhibitions. Employers can create visually appealing spaces which will prompt participants to flock toward eye-catching job fair and trade show booths.

Employers have the liberty to design their virtual booths as per the theme, purpose, and vision of their company or start-up. Virtual job fair booths can also be filled with testimonials from previous or current employees, resources like videos that describe the work environment of the company, and ambitious clips that promote good values in a workplace. Virtual job fair booths can become one-stop destinations to apply for jobs.

  1. Employers should reach out and communicate- What makes people stop and listen? An earnest attempt at communication! Employers should use every single opportunity to interact with participants. When employers hold sessions, webinars, and lives, visibility increases among participants. Employers should take note of participants who actively engage in live sessions and webinar chat boxes. This tells employers which participant is genuinely interested in the company. If participants or candidates can engage in a conversation, employers should definitely keep track of details.
  2. Employers should be approachable- The presence of employers during virtual job fairs paves way for chances of a one-on-one conversation with potential employees. When employers engage with participants in online meetings, they can tell participants more about the company. Candidates can then apply for any active or open roles in the company.  The process becomes swift when candidates schedule a session with their recruiters and conversations to help recruiters pick the resumes based on education and experience. Top candidates can then be picked by the employer, for any good role in the company.
  3. Employers should make useful resources available for virtual job fair participants- Job seekers should be given access to documents and files so that they can revisit and review the company’s material later. The company should provide documents and video clips of engaging content like employee testimonials, company packages, infrastructure, and important contact sources. These efforts by the employers in a virtual setting help in grabbing a participant’s interest and they too look forward to contributing to the company.
  4. Employers should make the most of virtual booths- At a virtual job fair, where many booths are set up, attracting job seekers might look like a difficult task, but when employers understand the tools provided by the virtual world, they can stand in front and bring their brand into the limelight. Employers can walk successfully with a significant amount of applicants by increasing brand awareness. Employers should use virtual booth tools at their best.


Thus, the key takeaways for employers are:

When employers work on these tips, they can recruit their ideal candidates amid a pile of online job requests. Candidates, too, flock towards a company that guides and helps them to make the most of their skills in this world contained in virtual work cubicles. Great employers make great companies. However, make sure to hire a reliable virtual event platform, like Dreamcast, for smooth operations. You can also use it as a virtual exhibition platform.

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