A complete guide to immigration in Canada for international students

When you decide to immigrate abroad you are bracing up yourself for a  completely new journey of life. The path you are going to undertake will consist of many challenges but opportunities as well. To secure a bright career, students opt to study abroad. Canada is the most popular study destination. The country boasts of having excellent universities. The best part is that all communities live happily and peacefully in Canada. If you are planning to move to Canada then this article will be quite beneficial for you.

If you are someone who has no idea how to move to Canada then keep reading this article. We’ll tell you basic information regarding Canada study visa and also a complete timeline of how you should plan your immigration process. The importance of a good visa consultant cannot be undermined. He will help you prepare your visa application and all other necessary formalities. Therefore, seek the services of the most reliable study visa consultants and plan your process effectively. 

Why choose Canada above other countries like the USA, Uk, etc?

One question arising in the minds of some people is why so many students choose to go to Canada for studies. There are many other countries like the US, Uk, Europe, etc which have the finest educational standards. But still, students want to go to Canada. Well, the reasons behind these are plenty. Firstly Canada has a very friendly and welcoming attitude towards international students. You can obtain permanent residency (PR) after a few years. The country offers adequate part-time job opportunities for all students. Moreover, the fee structure of the universities in Canada is lower than that of other countries like the USA, the UK, etc. So all these reasons motivate the students to move to Canada for study purposes.  This country provides the students with the best opportunities.

Timeline for September 2023 intake students 

January February 2023–  Screen out the courses and colleges/universities in which you wish to pursue your degree. Prepare and attempt any language exam for English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. Try to aim for a high band score. Also, keep all the documents ready and organized. 

March April 2023- Now apply to the colleges/universities that you have shortlisted. For applying you will have to submit each and every necessary document. If you are careless in doing so then the visa will be rejected.  Hence, be careful. After you have applied to the university of your choice you need to wait and hope that the admission panel accepts your application. Therefore, patience is necessary during this period 

June July 2023- If the admission panel is satisfied with all your documents they will issue you the letter of acceptance. Once you receive it you need to plan for a variety of things. Decide about the option of taking loans. Check if the university is offering any scholarship programs. If you are unaware of the scholarship programs need not worry. We are going to list some common scholarship programs that can be easily availed by students.  

August 2023- Pack your backs and get ready to move to Canada and begin your fall semester at your chosen university. Book your tickets well in advance. Since September is a major intake month there is a huge rush of students moving to Canada. This can raise ticket prices. You may have to shell lots of money into buying airplane tickets then. 

Life In Canada

Now life in Canada cannot be described in a few lines. But let us inform you that your experience in Canada is going to be full of exciting experiences. You will be exposed to several cultures. Therefore gain more knowledge of the world. You can try dishes from various cuisines. The environment in Canada is safe and peaceful. So overall your living standards will uplift in Canada. If all these prompt you to plan your studies in Canada then don’t forget to schedule an appointment with the best immigration consultants in Jalandhar

Scholarship and loans

Now, as we told you earlier it is vital to be aware of the available scholarship programs. Do you know when you get admission to a Canadian college you automatically get enrolled for a scholarship? But this is not the case with every college. So make sure you seek complete information about scholarship programs from your college. Your study visa consultant will be able to guide you effectively to get all the required information. There are many programs available like the Vanier Graduate scholarship, Ontario college scholarships, etc. Don’t forget to check your eligibility criteria. 

Wrapping it up

To wrap it up, Canada remains the top choice for students planning to immigrate abroad. It has been able to attract thousands of students from all over the world. If you are planning to study in Canada you need to obtain all the necessary information. Lack of information can create hurdles in the future. We hope this article made you aware of some crucial information regarding immigration to Canada.